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Commercial Dehumidifier

With many years of rich wholesale experience, Oulun Electric has stand out among numerous commercial dehumidifier manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to place commercial dehumidifier orders with our factory.
Commercial dehumidifier is a very professional electromechanical equipment, its application in the field of the situation is very different. Dehumidifier in the selection and matching often according to the area of the dehumidification site for simple selection is far from enough. Specifically, it is based on its area, floor height, initial humidity value target humidity value, indoor airtightness, moisture source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors such as calculation of the total cooling capacity, unit time dehumidification and other key parameters for dehumidification machine selection.
1.Control humidity, prevent mildew: as you know, mold in the humid environment propagation speed will continue to increase, rainy days and plum rainy season things at home will have mildew smell is because the air is too wet. Conversely, when the air is dry, the spread of bacteria decreases.
2.Can speed up the drying speed: many products in the production process is the need for drying, dehumidifier can remove excess water to speed up the drying speed and improve production efficiency.
3.Prevent equipment from condensation: when the humidity in the air is too high, it is easy to produce condensation when encountering objects with low temperature. For example, common in all kinds of pipelines, production equipment dial and so on, condensation will appear too much water, so easy to corrosion equipment, lead to short circuit circuit system and so on.
It is widely used in civil air defense engineering, tobacco factory, pharmaceutical factory, scientific research, industry, medical treatment, health, instrumentation, commodity storage, underground engineering and computer room, archives room, warehouse and other high humidity places to prevent the loss of instruments, instrumentation, computers, telecommunications equipment, drugs, materials and other dampness, corrosion, mildew.
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