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Home Dehumidifier

With many years of rich wholesale experience, Oulun Electric has stand out among numerous home dehumidifier manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to place home dehumidifier orders with our factory.
Home dehumidifier can be said to be in the way of refrigeration to reduce the relative humidity in the indoor air, keep the space relatively dry, so that easy to damp items, household items and other items are not affected by damp and moldy.
Home Dehumidifier belongs to a small member of the refrigeration and air conditioning family. Usually, dehumidifier by compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water container, housing and controller composition.
Working principle:
By fan will be wet air into the machine, through the heat exchanger, at this time the moisture in the air condenses into drops of water, into dry air exhaust outside the machine, so circulation makes indoor humidity lower.
Widely used in machine room (medicine, electric power, telecommunications), workshop warehouse (electronics, shoes, clothing, tobacco, food, leather, glass, paper industry), archives management (Banks, public security, museums, archives, government agencies) and other small space environment, family.
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