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Industrial Humidifier

With many years of rich wholesale experience, Oulun Electric has stand out among numerous industrial humidifier manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to place industrial humidifier orders with our factory.
Industrial humidifier refers to the humidifier system used in the industrial field and central air conditioning. Different from the civil humidifier, its humidification capacity is large, the humidity can achieve automatic control; In addition, different large-scale industrial humidifier systems can be adopted according to the site. Industrial humidifiers can be divided into central air-conditioning humidifiers and commercial humidifiers.
Common types of industrial humidifiers include: wet film humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, centrifugal humidifier, dry steam humidifier, electrode humidifier, high-pressure mist humidifier, etc.
Functions and Features:
1, Hot Gas Valve system enable better capacity in low temp situation;2, Three-Minute Automatic Delay Protection of the Compressor;3, Energy-saving;4, Back air outlet connected to air duct.5, Water pump/tube drainage both OK 6.Front panel easy to remove, convenient to maintenance.
Environmental humidity control technical experts, with air humidification, cooling, dust, air purification, anti-static, improve the quality of environmental air and other USES. It can meet the special humidification requirements of textile, electronic, printing, food, clean workshop and laboratory industries.