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Application of humidifying system in tobacco industry
Dec 21, 2017

1. The importance of humidity in the stage of leaf roasting

Tobacco leaves are highly hygroscopic materials, that is to say, they are greatly influenced by the humidity and humidity of nearby air. If the relative humidity of surrounding environment is low, air will absorb moisture from tobacco leaves, which will make tobacco leaves dry and affect the quality of tobacco leaves. In accordance with the standards of the tobacco industry, tobacco storage time in aging, the moisture content is 16% - 18%, alcoholized tobacco after unpacking, the solution, selected into leaf redrying production line.

In the process of unpacking, solution, leaves, due to smoke, handling and grading operation resulting in the loss of moisture in tobacco leaves, easily broken. It not only reduces the quality of tobacco leaves, causes economic loss, but also increases the dust degree of the workshop, resulting in the deterioration of the production environment. The dust floats in the air, with heavy tobacco smell affecting the workshops' sense of smell and breathing. Dust is not only the trouble of cleaning and cleaning, but also the most common carrier of many microbes. Irritating smoke, dust, carbon dioxide in the air and dust attached on a variety of microbial and other contamination, inhaled by workers, can cause and aggravate chronic pneumonia, a Qiyan, impact the health of workers.

Higher relative humidity (more than 50%) can cause the dust in the air to sink. Because the dust on the surface of the air has a positive charge, and the atomized water particles have negative charges on the surface. Positive and negative contacts make the volume of smoke and dust floating in the air expand and accelerate, and accelerate the deposition of dust. It can effectively remove all kinds of harmful substances such as nicotine, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and bacteria, as well as all kinds of ignorance of paint, ignorance, ignorance and odor, making the air fresher. In the process of water atomization, a large number of negative ions are released. High concentration of negative ions can effectively improve the efficiency of oxygen inhalation and exhaust carbon dioxide, increase the nutrition of human brain cells and maintain good mental state. The increase of relative humidity in the workshop can also reduce the loss of tobacco leaf breakage, and greatly improve the economic benefit.

Two. The effect of air spray humidifier

The most common way of cold water humidification is the spray system. There are many different ways. Such as ultrasonic atomization and humidification, disc centrifugal mode, gas, mixed nozzle, high pressure fog and spray. Centrifugal disc and spraying way has been very rare, is the main health problems and Legionella harada. The centrifugal disc humidifier has a water tank from which water is injected and centrifuged into the air. However, because of the immobility of water storage, the tank provides a good place for the growth of bacteria. It is easy for a worker to get a disease called "humid fever". Because these nozzles are easily clogged and dripping, the atomization particles are large and the humidifying water pressure is high (70Kg). It is not safe and not suitable for direct spray humidification in large space. In particular, when the temperature is low in winter, the heat is insufficient and the humidification efficiency is low. It can not be fully exchanged with the air flow, and it has a fine rain, which affects the quality of the tobacco. The widely used humidification method is ultrasonic atomization and humidification, gas / water mixed spray, to increase the ambient humidity to the required level. The nozzles are evenly distributed in the production area, and some facilities in the workshop, such as lamps and ducts, are reasonably avoided.

At present, the most used in the tobacco system is the direct ultrasonic atomization humidification system. The air ultrasonic atomizing humidifier system using cold water, using piezoelectric ceramic mechanical transducer, water spray directly into the air after high speed oscillation, the rapid evaporation of water mist the air relative humidity increased to the desired level, the system is mainly composed of a plurality of spray outlet, control box, electromagnetic valve, rectifier bridge, oscillator, atomization vibration chip, continued appliances, humidity sensor, blower, pipeline etc.. The central part of the system is the atomized vibration chip of many groups of precision manufacturing. The average size of the atomized particles is only 1-5um, without water droplets and leakage.

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