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Application range of humidifier
Dec 20, 2017

According to the requirement of humidity, we also divide humidification into two kinds: process humidification and comfort humidification.

First, in modern industrial production and scientific experiments, the importance of air humidity is increasing. The requirement is also higher and higher. If humidity can not meet the requirements, it will cause different degrees of adverse consequences, such as:

1. electronics factory, semiconductor factory, control room, explosion-proof factories and other places of humidity requirements in 40%~60%RH, if the relative humidity is not enough will cause electrostatic increase, so that the yield rate of products decreased, chip damage, and even in some places explosion will cause an explosion, "electrostatic detonation harm impact is immeasurable, when the air humidity below 40%RH is very easy to produce static electricity, though people have taken a lot of measures to remove the static, and the air humidity is higher than 45%RH is absolutely effective.

2. humidity requirements of textile factory, printing factory, factory and other places of the film are generally very high, generally more than 60%RH, such as textile plant humidity requirements generally between 50%~85%RH, yellow section, the section of spinning to prevent prevent electrostatic mirabilite crystallization require high humidity, moisture content of cotton fiber directly affect the fiber strength, in short, textile workshop air conditioning to ensure the relative humidity of the process. In the process of printing and film production, the low humidity can cause the inaccuracy of the color, the paper shrinkage, the paper adhesion, the quality of the product and so on.

3. precision machining lathe, metrology room humidity requirements generally between 40%~65%RH, such as precision bearing machining, high precision dividing machine, mechanical measurement room, electrical metrology room, if the humidity is not enough, will cause a decline in machining accuracy measurement data distortion.

4., the humidity requirement of the product coating workshop is generally greater than 65%RH. If the humidity is not enough, the adhesion of paint to metal or plastic will decrease, the paint will not be uniform, and the surface finish will decrease.

5., the requirements for humidity in the environment of pharmaceutical factories and operation room are more necessary, and clean and humidified. If the humidity is not enough, it will cause the grade of drugs, bacteria and wound healing.

6. in addition, in cigarette, food cold storage preservation, moisture regain, aging test, test, protection of cultural relics preservation, gravity decoration, spas and other places, the humidity requirements are very high, with the development of modern industry, the humidifying problem in air conditioning engineering will become more important. Although the time required for humidification in some southern areas is very short, there are only 1 to 2 months, but as long as the process needs to ensure that the quality of the products is constant, the humidification problem must be considered.

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