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Choosing The Right Dehumidifier For A Warehouse
Aug 06, 2018

Buying a warehouse dehumidifier for your storage space will help in many different ways.  If you are working or storing things in a warehouse that has a high humidity problem then it will affect everything located within that space.  However buying the right moisture removal unit will help you control the humidity and keep your space comfortable and safe for working or storage. 

There are several things to consider before buying a warehouse dehumidifier.  First, is the space already climate controlled? If it is then you might need some different equipment then you would if it is not climate controlled. 

The next thing to consider is whether or not you need a refrigerant or desiccant unit.  When looking for refrigerant units there are several different types with one being far superior then the others.  There are standard and commercial units that are both similar in the way the process air and in the amount of water they can remove.  These units will not get the humidity below 55-60 grains per pound (gpp) or specific humidity unless the air going into the unit is below 55-60 gpp.  If that is the case then these units will not remove any moisture.  These units work similar to an air conditioning unit and so if the space is already air conditioned these units will not do more than the air conditioner already does. 

Even though all refrigerant units will remove the moisture from the air in the form of a liquid which will then need to be put down a drain, there is one type of refrigerant unit that will outperform a standard or commercial unit and it is a low grain refrigerant or LGR.  These units will remove moisture down to 30 – 32 gpp.  They work differently than the others to accomplish this.  They pass the air over the cool coils twice.  The other refrigerant units only pass the air over the coils once and this makes a huge difference in the amount of water each unit can remove.  In almost every scenario you should choose a low grain refrigerant over a standard or commercial unit.

Another type of warehouse dehumidifier would be a desiccant dehumidifier.  These units work well below 70 degrees whereas refrigerant units don’t.  They also remove water from the air with through an absorbent material, like silica gel.  Once the absorbent material has collected the moisture it is then put through a heating element which causes it to release the moisture in the form of a gas.  The moisture laden air is then exhausted to the outside. 

So no matter what type of warehouse dehumidifier you are in the market for there is a unit that should fit your specific needs.  A warehouse dehumidifier will help you control the humidity in space and keep it comfortable and safe to store sensitive items. 

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