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Common troubleshooting of industrial humidifier
Dec 21, 2017

The air humidity in life there is a certain relationship to our health, and in the industrial production of proper humidity is more important, so in the use of some of the more dry place industrial humidifier is very important, we want to use the industrial humidifier not only in his time, a failure, we need to understand Yi Ling, here is to introduce some knowledge in this respect.

The industrial humidifier converts the electric energy to mechanical energy through transducer. In order to overcome the cohesion of water molecules, water mist is transformed into micron sized ultrafine particles, and then atomized and diffused into the indoor space through the pneumatic device, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification. There will be no fog in the use of humidifier, and there are two reasons why it is not foggy.

Industrial humidifiers do not fogging. First, humidifiers are not regularly cleaned and maintained. There are a lot of scale on the atomizing sheets that are immersed in water for a long time, so atomizer can't run properly, resulting in fog or fog.

Maintenance methods: regularly clean the atomizer, or replace the atomization film.

Maintenance method: use pure water, turn off and change water every day. Clean it once a week. If it is a humidifier using ordinary tap water, it needs to be cleaned regularly, cleaning the tank, atomizing film and water tank with the special cleaning agent.

Industrial humidifier no fog reason two: check boot no fog fan humidifier is working properly, there is no wind, if the wind machine is not running, need to check the electrical components, the power supply is normal, the fan is damaged.

Maintenance method: replace power or fan.

When you use a humidifier, we should also pay attention to the control of humidity. The test showed that when the humidity was 40%RH - 60%RH, people felt the most suitable and most healthy. Therefore, it is better to use humidifier with automatic humidification function. When the indoor humidity is below the standard range, the machine will start humidification. If the humidity is higher than that, it will reduce the amount of fog to stop humidification. If the humidifier without automatic humidification function is used, it is better to place a humidifier in the room to understand the air humidity at any time, and adjust the humidifier's working condition according to the humidity.

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