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Dehumidifier Maintenance Method
Jul 14, 2017

The humidity and temperature in the rainy season make it easy for bacteria to propagate and thus people may get ill. The use of dehumidifier can relieve the human body's discomfort caused by high humidity. So what should we pay attention to during the maintenance process? Here are some tips:

(1) Air filter needs to be cleaned regularly, the condenser water should adhere to clean and drain in time.

(2) Cleaning the dehumidifier gently with a soft damp cloth, there is no need to use other detergents. Don't put degergent in the unit to prevent the damage of internal parts.

(3) The dehumidifier shouldn't be placed in high temperature or low temperature environment.

(4) Don't skew or cross the unit,  and it should be placed and used on a flat floor.

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