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Dehumidifier Usage Knowledge
Jul 14, 2017

1. People may feel uncomfortable because of the damp air. The mould can grow when the relative humidity is more than 60%; it enters high-incidence season when the relative humidity is over 85%.

2. Here are some items that needs humidity control: industrial products of the optical lens, magnetic recording materials (including CD-ROM), video film, electronic information media, electronic equipment, instruments, instruments, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather tobacco, food, tea.

3. The dehumidifier dehumidification is different from the air conditioner dehumidification. Air conditioner dehumidification reduces the temperature of the entire space dehumidification and it's suitable for hot weather condition in summer.

Dehumidifier dehumidification makes cooling process happen in the internal body, the temperature of the space increases slightly. The temperature difference is not significant.

4. Keep the dehumidifier away from the heat source and clean the air inlet and outlet regularly. It is appropriate to place the unit in the middle of the room. Don't stack items around it to ensure even dehumidification.

5. When the unit is placed in low temperature and low humidity environment, it's normal that the effect of dehumidification may not be significant, the speed may be slower.

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