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How harmful will high humidity affect your family’s health?
Oct 16, 2017

After a long vacation, when you coming back home…


During the rainy days, you suddenly find…


As you can see in the pictures or you may have such experience in daily life , the humidity is everywhere.

Normally, people care about the temperature, which has a very obvious effect on your feelings ,but ignore the humidity level.

What is the suitable humidity level?

  It is preferable to keep the home relative humidity level among 50%.There are three reasons.

 (1)   Comfort

  When relative humidity level is lower than 30% ,your skin mucosa  is going to losing water, which will make you itching. And the body’s immunity would also be reduced, which will cause you catch a cold easily. When relative humidity level is higher than 70%, you will feel hot and sweat.

  (2)    Furniture and quilts

  Furniture would become really nausea sometimes if it is too wet...


High humidity level would make your furniture deformation, moldy, decaying and rusty.

If the mold has occurred, it is not enough to re-paint, because the mold is a highly viable biological flora, if we do not completely eliminate its growth environment or kill its flora, once there is  a corresponding environment, it will quickly spread again.

Prevention always first!

And there may be some tiny things live on your comfortable quilts which we call mites…



Mites have a very close relationship with human being’s health, it can bite people , against the skin, causing cicada, allergies, urinary tract mites, lung mites, intestinal mites and scabies. Which sounds quite horrible

However, good news ,the humidity level for mites are 60%~80%, it is very difficult for them to survive under 50% humidity level. We get a weapon for them.

(3)   Health

Which is the most important part, your healthy. There is a great harm which mold can bring for the human upper respiratory tract.

Long-term exposure and inhalation of mold, can cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, hay fever. Asthma.

In addition, people with low immunity may also cause headaches, fever, skin or mucosal inflammation. Poisoning, or produce carcinogenic substances, causing fungal pneumonia, allergic diseases and so on.

Because mold caused by mildew mold, not only will release allergens, causing allergies, but also cause serious lung disease, and even death for there are some strong toxicity of the mold.

It can be seen that the mold pollution seriously threatens people's health, affecting people's quality of life. if the house is wet, must be dehumidified.

How can we keep the suitable humidity level?



  Eurgeen dehumidifier can fundamentally curb the production of mold. Mold may appear in the wall, or kitchen appliances ,cabinet corner, carpets, sofas and other products is also the breeding ground of mold.

  Dehumidifier is almost indispensable household appliances, in addition to cleaning, regular dehumidification, but also can effectively reduce the mites, the breeding of bacteria,  the shedding of  furniture outer layer will be reduced, thereby extending the life of furniture, benefit for people’s healthy.

  And now you can easily buy eurgeen products in Amazon! USA first and soon there come Germany.




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