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How to control relative humidity in the textile industry
Dec 21, 2017

Several commonly used moisturizing measures:

The water in the air will exchange water with the substances in contact. That is to say, the dry air can absorb moisture from the moisture substances until the dynamic balance of water exchange is achieved. The material that has its original moisture metamorphosed or brought the production to the same. http://www.sinodehumidifier.com

Whether natural cotton or man-made fiber can achieve efficient and trouble free operation in the entire processing industry, maintaining a continuous and stable humidity level is essential. Otherwise, there will be a series of problems, such as the failure of the raw material delivery, the loss of the broken line, and the loss of weight and the original quality in the storage process. At the same time in the workshop due to various kinds of dust and lint easily suspended in the air in the dry environment, affecting the normal production, if the air reaches a certain humidity, so the suspension will absorb the moisture in the air and falls to the ground, while maintaining a good working environment, reduce the human body damage. If the humidity is controlled between 45%--90% and different processing materials, the above problems will be avoided.

At present, several measures of humidification in the domestic textile industry are:

1, soil method: some workshop sprinkled water to the ground, so that although it can alleviate a little, but it will make the ground messy, affecting the efficiency of the entire workshop, and only using air evaporation can not play a good role in humidification. Some workshops also use electric heating to generate steam, which can also achieve a certain humidifying effect, but at the same time, it also increases the cost. The power required by electric heating is large and generally needs thousands of watts, which is also contrary to the policy of energy saving and emission reduction advocated by the state.http://www.sinodehumidifier.com

2: the use of air conditioning humidification: This is the more advanced method, but the air conditioning investment is relatively large, the maintenance cost is very high, and not good humidifying effect, depending on the size of the workshop air-conditioning can only meet the standard requirements of around 30%, far can not meet the requirements of textile workshop humidity.

3: use the humidifier humidification: This is the most economical method is the most ideal, at present many kinds of humidifier, high-pressure micro mist humidifier, ultrasonic, electrode, electrothermal evaporation type humidifier, etc., in fact, no matter what type can reach as long as our humidity requirements on the line, but the premise is what type is more economical and convenient, so we can choose the more suitable.

Comparison of several humidifiers:http://www.sinodehumidifier.com

1) ultrasonic humidifier: the humidifier has the best humidification effect, the single humidifier can reach 30KG/H, and the energy consumption is small. Recommendation Index 90.

2) high pressure micro fog humidifier: the humidifier is characterized by a large area of humidification, simple installation, low maintenance and convenient energy saving. Recommendation Index 85.

3) evaporation wet film humidifier cabinet: the humidifier humidification amount is relatively small, it is suitable for family, office, etc., electronic room without flying dust free workshop space humidification, the humidifier does not spray, safe and reliable, the recommended index 70% http://www.sinodehumidifier.com

4) electrode humidifier, electrothermal humidifier humidification: the best effect of the two types of humidifier, steam 100% is absorbed by the air, the disadvantage is large energy consumption, is 20-50 times that of other humidifier, should choose the regular manufacturers of products such as electrode, Shanghai Yi Ling environment science and technology R & D and production of electric heating humidifier. Recommendation Index 50%

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