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How to use the humidifier correctly
Dec 20, 2017

In the dry winter, more and more homes and offices have used humidifiers, but how to use the humidifier to be scientific? Can the safety and health be guaranteed? Many people don't know. The humidifier is frequently used in small household appliances, in order to make it work, long service, correct use is very important.

Users in the northern area should try not to use water to humidifier, and try to use pure water or distilled water. There is also a hardness problem in tap water and boiled water, which needs to be chosen according to local water quality.

The humidifier should not be used for empty container. When moving, the water in the tank should be released. It should not be inverted. Do not use the humidifier in freezing condition, you should use the clean water below 40 degrees.

How to use the humidifier correctly

The humidifier is best placed in a stable plane of 0.5 - 1.5 meters high, away from heat, corrosion, and furniture to avoid direct sunlight.

The ultrasonic humidifier should be cleaned regularly with a special humidifier cleaning solution or white vinegar. The heat type humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly in the water tank. Pure humidifier maintenance is more convenient, only need to change the evaporator and filter net every 1 - 2 years.

The humidifier should not be put into the water when cleaning the humidifier. The temperature of the cleaning water must not exceed 50 degrees C. the humidifier should not scrape the scale with hard objects, and do not use the detergent, kerosene and alcohol to clean the humidifier body and components, so as not to damage the humidifier parts.

When the humidifier is not used for a long time, the residual water in the tank and water tank should be reversed, and all parts are cleaned, dried and dried, then reloaded into the original packing box.

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