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Is the humidifier harmful? How to use the humidifier correctly
Dec 21, 2017

Is there a lot of questions about the humidifier on the Internet? Yi Ling technology now give you the answer, as long as the correct use, generally no harm.

Here are the tips for using the correct humidifier:

The 1. humidifier should be rotated at a stable level of 0.5 m ~1.5 meters high, away from heat, corrosion, and furniture to avoid direct sunlight.

2. when the relative humidity is less than 80%, the RH big drug 40~75% is regulated by the constant humidity knob.

3. do not touch the surface of the water with the hand, and do not use the empty box. When moving, the water in the water tank should be released. No inversion.

4. the water used should be below 40 centigrade, and other kinds of chemicals should not be added.

5. in accordance with the requirements of their own humidity, the reasonable adjustment of spray and constant humidity value.

6. in the use of frozen conditions, when a failure occurs should immediately stop.

7. a humidifier is cleaned once a week and the machine can not be put in the water when cleaning. The cleaning water must not exceed 50 degrees centigrade.

8. do not use detergent, kerosene, alcohol, etc. to clean the fuselage and parts. Do not detachable the parts by themselves.

9. clean energy conversion sheet with a soft brush with a soft cloth to clean the water tank; and a two week; sensor with a soft cloth to wipe clean; water tank can be filled with water after the two or three fall can shake.

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