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Industrial demand is higher than domestic Oulun dehumidifier Market
Dec 06, 2017

Industrial demand is higher than domestic Oulun dehumidifier Market

First page: the proportion of different types of products in the Q3 dehumidifier Market

Although the development of the domestic dehumidifier industry has more than ten years, but at this stage the dehumidifier is mostly used in factories and enterprises, home dehumidifier for many users is still relatively unfamiliar products, the current development is still in a primary state, no scale. Globally, dehumidifiers are mainly produced in Japan, China and Italy. China's dehumidifier is mainly exported, and its position in the global dehumidifier Market is also increasing in recent years.

In the third quarter of 2017, the dehumidifier Market, like many other manufacturing industries, was also under pressure from the rising price of raw materials, and the overall profit was poor. When Q4 enters the winter, it is the off-season sales of the dehumidifier, so the flat state of the whole market is expected to last for the spring of next year.

The proportion of different types of products in the Q3 dehumidifier Market

ZDC in the third quarter of 2017, according to the research data of dehumidifier Market, the percentage of users concerned about industrial dehumidifiers is 78.6%, while household dehumidifiers account for only 21.4%.

The proportion of different types of products in the Q3 dehumidifier Market

This indicates that the household dehumidifier is still a dispensable product for most users, but the industrial dehumidifier is more and more valued by the business owners along with the development of light industry such as food and drug, papermaking, printing, smoking, drinking, tea and electronic equipment.

In all enterprises that need moisture-proof and dehumidification, the demand of the food industry is the most prominent. As everyone knows, prone to mildew and bacteria in the moist environment of food, resulting in rotten, greatly affected the quality of food and nutrition, if the enterprises do not pay attention, let the unsafe food into the market, it is very likely to cause the consumption of food poisoning, disease even carcinogenic, cause losses to the enterprises and consumers.

Pay attention to home dehumidifier is relatively low, mainly affected by the users of consumer awareness, plus most of a year in summer only 2-3 months in the wet period, Renren passed, and the air conditioning dehumidification function can fully meet the needs of the dehumidifier dehumidifier, the icing on the cake "products is not so important.

The proportion of industrial and household dehumidifiers is not expected to change much at Q4, and the household dehumidifiers may be slightly lower.

Second page: Q3 dehumidifier Market brand and regional concern ratio

Market brand attention ratio of Q3 dehumidifier

In terms of brand concern, the top third quarters in the 24.1% quarter were: Ou Jing 24.1%, de ye 13.4%, Bao Ao 14.5% and GREE 10.6%, which did not change in the three months of the season.

Market brand attention ratio of Q3 dehumidifier

Q3 attention in the fifth to tenth brands are accounted for 5.2% of the TCL, YADU 4.5%, Matsui dorosin 4.2%, 3.9%, 3.7% and 2.1% wet Teng, emmett.

The six brands in the change of 7-9 month ranked in varying degrees, TCL has been ranked fifth in July and August, but dropped to seventh in September; YADU ranked sixth in July, August and September dropped to ninth; and Matsui dorosin July were ranked ninth and tenth, rising to sixth in August and seventh in September on a higher level, ranking rose to fifth and sixth; Teng is wet Q3 brand attention a "dark horse", after July ranked ten, August and September quickly rose to eighth, which pulled the overall ranking of Q3; Emmett and wet Teng on the contrary, attention has been in Q3 decline, ranked eighth in July, fell to tenth in August, September dropped to ten outside.

In the top three of the European well, Germany, Bao, are professional dehumidifier brand, this year, the focus has been a little change in front of the front. For GREE, TCL, YADU, Emmett, dehumidifier just many of its product line in one, but because these brands in the home appliance industry has long roots, user awareness is high, so the attention proportion relative to other small brands to be higher.

The proportion of different provinces in the Q3 dehumidifier Market

Different regions and different climates should be the most influential factors to purchase dehumidifiers. However, the data from different provinces of Q3 dehumidifier Market are quite unexpected.

Q3 dehumidifier Market proportion of different provinces (click picture magnification)

The ZDC data show that the province with the highest degree of dehumidification of the dehumidifier is Shandong, not the southern region that we usually think of. So, what is the reason that the northern province of Shandong is so concerned about the dehumidifier?

Through the study of manufacturing industry in Shandong Province, we found that the output of paper-making in Shandong province has been ranked first in the country for many years, and it is the country's "paper-making province".  In addition, Shandong is one of the most famous basic industrial provinces in China, and the production of main industrial raw materials is in the forefront of the country. In this way, Shandong is a real province of light industry. Even though Shandong is affected by the warm temperate monsoon climate, the air humidity is not high. However, many factories are built in coastal cities such as Qingdao and Yantai. The humidity is still inevitable, so the demand for dehumidification will be higher.

In the second to fourth places where the dehumidifiers are concerned, they are Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang, which is expected. Typical southern areas, whether families or businesses or factories, are demanding and highly concerned about dehumidification.

Third page: the proportion of different price segments in the Q3 dehumidifier Market

Q3 dehumidifier Market proportion of different price segments

Q3 data showed that the user's attention rate of dehumidifiers below 1000 yuan reached 53.1%, 1000 yuan -2000 yuan accounted for 19.5%, 3000 yuan accounted for 14.8%, 2000-3000 yuan accounted for 12.6%.

Q3 dehumidifier Market proportion of different price segments

The price of dehumidifier is different according to the different dehumidification area. The industrial dehumidifier is usually used in factories and warehouses. The largest dehumidification area is basically above 100 square meters, and the price is correspondingly higher, which is 2000 yuan -4000 yuan.

The household dehumidifier is also divided according to the maximum dehumidification area. The price below 25 square meters will not be more than 1000 yuan, and the 1000 yuan of 40-60 square meters will come out. The area of dehumidification can reach 100 square meters and it will be nearly 2000 yuan.

When it comes to price, the problem is back to the beginning of our consumption concept. Dehumidification is not a new demand, but most consumers do not know enough about the necessity of dehumidifier. Moreover, people who live in wet environment for a long time have already been "tolerant" to humidity. All kinds of reasons have led to the fact that the sales of dehumidifier is not optimistic. Although the field of industrial dehumidifier has been improved in recent years, the whole industry is still in a passive situation. Many units and places lack a certain solution to the dehumidifier and have not been included in the purchase plan.


The current dehumidifier is still a small market demand, which affects the development of the whole industry. Most enterprises and families regard it as an accessory product. From the short-term development trend of dehumidifier, this situation will remain for a long time, so it is hard for more powerful brands to enter the market and become the leading brand. But objectively speaking, the market and profit space of dehumidifier still have some attraction. I believe that after many efforts, the dehumidifier industry will have a good development prospect in the domestic market.

Fourth pages: research methods and instructions

Research method and explanation

1. Research methods of attention degree

This report is mainly based on the "Chinese Internet user concern analysis system", which is independently developed by ZDC. The daily 24 hours of uninterrupted tracking Zhongguancun online website and other websites Zhongguancun online website cooperation nested product library of the behavior of Internet users, and the users from different IP classification, comprehensive PC manufacturers and brands get the attention of Internet users click on PC statistics.

Degree of concern: or the proportion of attention, is the proportion of the number of clicks that represent the number of information in the form of a kind of information in the same kind of information. High attention, indicating that the more consumers pay attention to this information, attention can be used as a powerful data support for the analysis of the historical situation and the prediction of future development.

2. Research methods of market scale

Make full use of their own ZDC Zhongguancun online product advantage, and good resources in terms of manufacturers, distributors, etc., to obtain information and a secondary research materials through direct and indirect investigation, and by the ZDC market analyst for the related data information assessment, analysis, finally get the ZDC research report can be issued.

• direct information channels

Zhongguancun online has 85 branches in the country, and all the local sub stations are stationed by investigators. Professional analysts and investigators maintain direct and close relationship with local manufacturers, distributors and users, regularly track and track the local market, and get first-hand data and data.

• indirect information channels

Based on China's ICT industry, Zhongguancun online has been in close contact with related industry associations for more than 10 years. It can get lots of dynamic data and information from industry associations regularly.

As the forefront of China's science and technology website, Zhongguancun online has established good cooperative relations with many upstream manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers and channel providers will also inform Zhongguancun online on the latest information.

ZDC also obtains data and data from third parties, and understands the status and development trend of China's ICT market. It also tracks information and information about key technology enterprises, such as product technology, market and competition strategy, sales and service, etc. Second hand survey data and sources are news reports, industry media, corporate annual reports, Internet / Web sites, and other information that is beneficial to the report.


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