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How to Perfect Your Grow Room Dehumidifier Setup
Aug 05, 2018

As grow rooms increase in size, Retzlaff said spacing has become increasingly important because it allows for zoned humidity control. For example, rather than running 15 dehumidifiers at once and then turning them all off, each is automated to sense independently when humidity increases in its zone. This approach keeps the room’s relative humidity more stable and increases energy efficiency, he said.

At East Coast Cultivation, head growers and co-founders Alex Welch and Tyler Greenless opted to go with a modular approach instead, spacing the dehumidifiers so that if one needs service, the others can maintain proper humidity levels in its absence. “You need to build in redundancy,” Greenless said. “We’d rather have three units pulling 225 pints each than one pulling 700 pints. If that 700-pint unit fails, you have no backup, and if it’s not serviced quickly you risk a humidity spike and mold growth.”

Attention to Air Flow

Finally, understanding the shape of each room and how air will flow and mix in that space is critical to ensuring any dehumidifier setup maintains a consistent humidity level in a grow room.

In a long room, growers need dehumidifiers spaced equally to create a circular air flow. If the room is narrow, with one dehumidifier, Retzlaff said discharged air can be pushed over the room to get a consistent air mix across the plant canopy. That’s a stark contrast to a tall room, where growers may want to duct return air down to the floor to create a consistent air flow.

“We can duct our dehumidifiers from the supply and return ports to direct air where growers want it and in the way that works best for their environment,” Retzlaff said. “That added bonus can play a big role in establishing consistent humidity levels.”

For more resources on environmental controls, mildew prevention and humidity tips, check out our Grow Info page.

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