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Requirements for temperature and humidity control in the printing shop
Dec 21, 2017

When the ambient temperature changes and five degrees, water will change to 0.15% paper, including 0.1% water changes will affect the overprinter when the paper in multi-color printing. In general, the ambient temperature changes in the workshop do not exceed three degrees.

When the moisture change is 10% (80% or less), the moisture content of paper changes by 1%. When the relative humidity of the environment is over 80%, the moisture content of paper varies from 1.5 to 2%, so we should strictly control the change of environmental humidity below 80%.

The condition of the enterprise is best to ensure that the temperature of the workshop is constant at 20 degrees C, and the humidity is kept at 55%--65%&gt.

By forgetting a sentence, whether it is the malfunction of machine or the inappropriate application of technology, it is necessary to start talking on the premise that the printing plate is correct. If the printing plate is not set, it will start to analyze whether there are any failures.

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