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The Effect of Humidifier in Textile Workshop Production
Dec 04, 2017

So far, most of the textile factories are using humidifiers to humidify their workshops.The relative humidity of the workshop is closely associated with knitting production, because the material they used (the yarn of natural fiber or chemical fiber) will be effected by the relative humidity. If the humidity is not controlled well,the stitch length is easy to move, and cause damaged needle, ends down, yarn fault and knit fault. So it is very important for the textile workshop to control the humidity by humidifier.

The regain will be changed with the different relative humidity. If the relative humidity become higher, the regain will be higher too. The humidity has a large influence on the strength of fiber, it can enhance and improve the long-chain molecules of the whole column to enhance the strength. Take cotton fiber as the sample,when in 60%-70% RH, its strength is 50% more than in dry. The fiber which is absorbing the moisture,since the distance between molecules is larger and easy to move at the exogenous process, so it will increase the length as the increasing humidity. The wool fiber,silk fiber,viscose are easier to increase the length than cotton and hemp fiber. But since the bad humidity absorption of the synthetic fiber such as polyester, the humidity has less influence on length.

Using humidifier to humidify the workshop can make the best quality cotton fiber, enhance the stitchability, prevent the static electricity from producing effective.

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