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The necessity of indoor humidification in the heating season
Dec 21, 2017

In this paper, the indoor air condition, the harm of indoor air drying and several humidifying ways in the winter heating season are analyzed. It is considered that heating rooms in winter must be humidified to increase the comfort of indoor environment.

The radiator is heating equipment in winter north family indispensable, less than 20 years, the radiator style from the iron column, the early party Yiyuan wing, closed steel string pieces, radiation plate to the current development of copper aluminum strings, steel, copper and aluminum composite, steel tube fin type radiator and other forms, the function from single function to the composite heat appearance, decoration and other practical functions. The development of high technology, into a powerful force to the radiator and radiator products has made great progress in the material, heat efficiency, shape, color and other aspects, although these advances to the winter people brought warmth and warmth, but did not solve the winter heating season dry indoor problems fundamentally, because indoor heating facilities for indoor the temperature rise at the same time, also put the room into a small desert.

The necessity of indoor humidification in winter heating season

Heating facilities are heated indoors during the cold season. The higher the indoor temperature, the drier the air will be. The drying of indoor air in winter has seriously affected people's production and life. Below is a brief introduction to the harm caused by indoor air drying from four aspects.

1. in terms of health:

1) of gram positive bacteria and environmental humidity is too low so that the influenza virus virulent propagation speed, but also with the dust diffusion, caused by the epidemic; 2) can make the human respiratory system decreased resistance to environmental humidity is too low, induce and exacerbate respiratory diseases; 3) by the spread of the bacteria in the air dry air velocity the air humidity spread faster; 4) when the humidity in 45% ~ 55%, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae, the death rate than the humidity is higher than 70% or lower than 20% 20 times faster; ASHRAE (American Society of heating, refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) pointed out in 1979 that will make the dry nasal tissues rupture. The inhalation of microorganisms directly into the blood.

2. in terms of comfort:

1) air humidity affects smoke (the suspension of tar and all kinds of gases) and the smell of odor on people. At constant dry bulb temperature, the smell of smoke and other gases decreased significantly with the increase of humidity, and the sense of smell and the stimulation of eyes and nose also weakened. 2) air is like a sponge, it absorbs moisture from anywhere. The moisture absorption of dry air is very good. If the moisture absorbed by the air comes from human skin and the skin will be cooled, you will feel cool or cold. Even if the room temperature is raised, you will feel cold.

3. from the damage to family investment:

Maintaining a certain relative humidity in the room is beneficial to the protection of household investment.

When the humidity is below 35%, the object will produce static electricity. The human body contains 20000 volts of static electricity, and the static electricity of the human body can destroy the computer and other electrical equipment in the family.

Dry air will make the furniture, wood products and wood floor deformation, crack, make wooden utensils such as woodwind, piano.

4. the process of modern industrial production is also restricted by air humidity.

Because of the equipment function and the processing technology, many key factors are related to the temperature and humidity.

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