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What are the differences between the ultrasonic humidifier and the heating humidifier
Dec 20, 2017

There are many ways to humidification, but it is impossible for every humidification form to satisfy all humidification needs. Therefore, it is very important to choose suitable humidifiers according to the specific requirements of actual projects. Reasonable selection of humidifiers should be considered from the following aspects: humidification effect, equipment cost, operation cost, maintenance cost and safety. This can not only meet the need of humidification but also not cause waste, which is in line with the basic concept of modern production and life.

Humidification comparison

Ultrasonic humidification is a technology that uses high efficient ultrasonic vibration to realize air humidification. It is a major breakthrough in air humidification technology. Ultrasonic humidification technology has the characteristics of high humidification efficiency, low power consumption, good stability and high safety. It can achieve independent and non interference between temperature control and humidity control.

The electrothermal humidifier works according to the principle that heat is generated by electric current, and the electric energy is converted to heat energy. The electric heating tube is submerged in the water, and the electric heating tube generates heat, thus making the water boil into steam. The RCA type electrothermal humidifier creates a humidity environment through three processes.

1. producing steam: boiling water by electric heating to produce steam.

2. control: a microcomputer is equipped with a humidifier to control the production and supply of steam.

3. transmission: the flow of water vapor into the air treatment machine or the air duct through a steam diffusion device.

The components of the three processes constitute a complete electrothermal humidifier as a system work together.

Characteristics of electric heating

1. the performance is stable and reliable, and the control precision of higher humidification can be obtained.

The 2. electric heating tube is designed with low power density, and the special scale of scale inhibition is used, and the service life is long.

3. water surface decontamination (foam) removes mineral impurities floating on the surface of the water to maximize the removal of surface dirt. The water tank is equipped with a special electromagnetic valve, time control drainage, can thoroughly remove the precipitated minerals and impurities.

4. the maintenance work is minimal, and the latest scientific and technological achievements are used to solve the problem of scaling, repeated heat expansion, and the scale of the surface of the cold shrinking water tank and the electric heating tube.

5. safe circuit design, three level circuit protection: short circuit, overheating, leakage protection function to avoid users' worries. Anti dry burning design, when the electric heating element is exposed to the surface, the anti dry burning device starts, the power supply is cut off, and the electric heating element is not burned.

As you can know, the ultrasonic humidifier and the heating humidifier have their own characteristics.

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