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Why do you need a professional new wind dehumidifier system
Dec 06, 2017

Why do you need a professional new wind dehumidifier system

In the indoor air conditioning dehumidification ventilation damp heat is not obvious;

The interior doors and windows open air conditioning case closed, is not suitable for ventilation;

Put the dehumidification confidential often pour, and dehumidification machine often water full automatic shutdown;

The ordinary air to dehumidify;

To improve the indoor air quality, prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and cross infection is rising, that is to solve the cold air conditioning, it should be clean and fresh indoor air humidity is moderate, is beneficial to people's health;

Such building air tightness is getting better and better, the penetration of natural convection ventilation becomes impossible;

Suspended particulate matter in the air, the city is generally high to become the city air pollution culprit.

Misunderstanding: air conditioning dehumidification = new wind dehumidification

A lot of people are in love map is simple and convenient when the air conditioning dehumidification machine, in fact, this is a consumer misunderstanding, do not know does not matter, well below the European air dehumidifier ceiling for you weiweidaolai:

Dehumidification energy efficiency. The new wind dehumidification can both introduce new wind and dehumidification. The electric energy of the new air dehumidifier 1KW can produce the dehumidification of 2-3KG/H, and the dehumidification energy efficiency is high. The function of air conditioning dehumidification is a subsidiary function. It will generally use low wind and dehumidification, and its energy efficiency is relatively low, because air conditioning is designed according to the technology of refrigeration and heating, and its dehumidification function will not be considered when its system is designed. The electric energy of the air conditioned 1KW can only produce about 0.8KG/H dehumidification.

Dehumidification environment. The new dehumidification wind can dehumidification over 5 degrees, and under 5 degrees can also be dehumidification by the introduction of outdoor fresh air. Any temperature environment can dehumidification, dehumidification is powerful. The air conditioning has partial dehumidification function, but it must work in the environment above 17 degree. The dehumidification function of the air conditioner below 17 degrees can not be used. Therefore, the dehumidification function of the air conditioner is affected by the environment and has its limitations.

The noise size. The new air dehumidification wind adopts the international brand DC brushless motor, which has low noise and high efficiency. Air conditioning is generally the ordinary AC motor or motor shell plastic, large noise, and at low speed, easy to produce the current. It will affect the normal life of the family and bring unnecessary noise.

The area of dehumidification. The new wind of dehumidification can be connected to 10-20 meters of pipe and the new wind is introduced to every corner of the room. The room is dry and refreshing, and the comfort is high.  Air conditioning can only be in a local circulation, and its outlet pressure is zero. The air conditioning will be more and more cold, its dehumidification effect can not be all over the house, people stay in the room for a long time will feel discomfort, easy to get air conditioning.

Fresh air dehumidifier dehumidifier ceiling European wells of painstaking research and development, to provide the most fashionable life philosophy, the most authoritative scientific belief and the most attentive service experience for the user, for the user's total solution tailored home comfortable sharing system, perfect technology, to achieve a new way of life of high quality.

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