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20 Pint Dehumidifier Compressed Air Drying Method
May 06, 2018

20 pint dehumidifier compressed air drying method

Compressed air can be removed by pressure, cooling, adsorption and other methods to remove the water vapor. It can be removed by heating, filtration, mechanical separation and other methods to remove liquid water. In the pneumatic technology, two kinds of drying methods, main freezing method and adsorption method, are used in pneumatic technology.

1. The refrigerated dryer is a kind of equipment which is relatively dry and compressed air by cooling the compressed air by artificial refrigeration.

2, the principle of the adsorption dryer is to use some adsorbents (such as alumina, molecular sieve, silica gel, etc.) to adsorb water in the compressed air to reduce the dew point temperature of compressed air, so as to achieve high quality compressed air.