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2017 Of The Ten Brands Which Good Oulun Dehumidifier Dehumidifier Well
Apr 15, 2018

2017 dehumidifier ten brands which have olun dehumidifier

The weather in the south, the air is always a wet smell, especially the unventilated room, the air humidity, any crisp food placed for a while greasy, dry clothes exposed in the room, all will change tide, home appliances idle for a period of time, also old trouble... Are you always troubled by all these? It doesn't matter. Air humidity is not a problem that a dehumidifier can't solve. If there is any, it's the two one.

The European dehumidifier is always the benchmark of the domestic dehumidifier and the core member of the standard setting unit of the Chinese dehumidifier. The enterprise standard of the dehumidifier is adopted by the European Union as the EU standard and is adopted by China as the industry standard in the field of Chinese dehumidifier. At the youth entrepreneur conference in Beijing, Aaron electric also obtained the most investment potential brand and the most environmentally friendly and healthy product of entrepreneurs.

As a company specializing in R & D, dehumidifier and humidifier, otlen is committed to providing technology leading, excellent quality and high performance air conditioning and purifying equipment for global customers. In the process of design and development, we constantly integrate into the leading international refrigeration technology and the latest fashion aesthetic elements. The products are fashionable and beautiful. The German fourth generation of GPTC auxiliary heat technology is introduced technically, German Deli compressor and 4D scroll compressor are the powerful heart of the desicman dehumidifier. The 4D compressor has the advantages of light weight, low noise and high energy efficiency. The use of water and air separation technology, using water and air separation technology, according to local conditions, the north and South environmental climate difference is very great, developed suitable for different areas of dehumidifier, excellent performance, and finally reach dry and wet air environment. With leading compression refrigeration technology and dehumidification products, R & D and innovation capabilities.

In the field of dehumidification and purification, orun group occupies a leading position in the field of dehumidification and purification. As an industry benchmarking enterprise, Ann Seman has invested a lot of money in the field of dehumidification and air purification to promote the development of the field of dehumidification and purification in the field of dehumidification and air purification. In 2017, he invested heavily in the enthalpy difference laboratory, aging laboratory, material testing laboratory and product performance testing room, building the first international annual production set, material testing, standard testing, finished product assembly, and finished product testing in one automatic production line, while emancipating the production capacity, it ensured the quality of the product. Stability, create a record of 100 thousand products with no defective rate. A hundred years of German research and development, production technology, Aaron electric obtained the authority certification of the EU SGS professional certification body, and applied dozens of product patents to the China Intellectual Property Office, including 5 items of design appearance patents, 20 utility model patents, and the EU high tech enterprise certification, as well as the humid line. As one of the core members of the national standard drafting group for the energy saving of China's dehumidifier, the industry technology wind vane enterprise has become a professional dehumidifier brand with great influence in the dehumidification industry of China. Up to now, Zhejiang Aaron Electric Co., Ltd. has established an exclusive distribution service system of more than 100 cities as the center in the country, creating a sales service network based on brand flagship store, providing high quality air dehumidification products and first class cleaning service for the vast number of Chinese users.

As the world's leading high-end dehumidification air brand, ulen dehumidifier invites all walks of life to jointly advocate and create a healthy, safe and high quality living environment, so that every family in the world can breathe the safest, most reassuring and most comfortable indoor air, which is the eternal pursuit and source of every Anne man.

(original title: 2017 dehumidifier ten brands which have olun dehumidifier)