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A Brief Discussion On The Development History Of Domestic Dehumidifiers
Apr 15, 2018

A brief discussion on the development history of domestic dehumidifiers

For dehumidifier, 2014 is the fastest growing year. In this year, with the increase of new technology and the number of users, the dehumidifier in China has gone far beyond Korea and Japan, and the level of our country has become increasingly close to the European and American level.

With people's health more and more attention, at home all want to have a temperature and humidity are relatively suitable environment, especially at home with the elderly with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. The function of a dehumidifier in the home is very comfortable, and the dehumidifier can effectively adjust the humidity in the room, especially for the health of the elderly.

By the end of 2014, the number of dehumidifier users in China has increased to 40 million. The popularity rate of our dehumidifier is 18.5%. With the reduction of the cost of the accessories, the low price of the dehumidifier is widely accepted by the public, and the regulatory environment of the government has changed, which will lead to the explosive growth of the number of dehumidifiers in the next few years. The dehumidifier can establish consumer trust and make them actively express their interest in the brand in social networking. Applicable technology is indispensable and becoming more and more important. Powerful functions must have strategic creativity, characteristics and relevance for users.

Dehumidifier has been in the market for decades in China. Maybe a lot of people will think that the dehumidifier should be used in industry, and the family doesn't need it. This is the idea that the market of household dehumidifier in China has not been formed for many years.

In the Chinese dehumidifier market capacity is very limited, not to mention the development status of Hangzhou dehumidifier. Over the years to support the growth of export only dehumidifier. From the beginning of twenty-first Century, the main production enterprises of the national total exports of about 200000 units of dehumidifier. In the next five years, it grew rapidly to 2 million 50 thousand. In those days, the total sales volume in China was 2 million 500 thousand, of which nearly 96% were used for export. It must be said that in 5 years, China has stepped onto a new ladder. But the next day, the dehumidifier industry is affected by raw materials, and the profit situation is not optimistic. According to industry sources, the average profit of the whole industry is less than 5 percentage points, and even some enterprises are running at a loss.

Simply speaking, the market has no scale China dehumidifier main reason is consumer awareness and consumption level. Besides, there are technology, propaganda and so on. Therefore China dehumidifier market needs to be developed.