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A Brief Introduction To The Dehumidifier
May 02, 2018

A brief introduction to the dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are generally used in residential areas, offices and other places. For example, the dehumidifier can be seen in special places such as electronic products and precision instrument manufacturing workshop, audio-visual room, library, record room, inspection and quarantine room, computer room, laboratory, equipment room, telecommunication room, bank, operation room, tobacco warehouse, air defense engineering, military warehouse, food, medicine, seed storehouse and other special places. The figure of the body.

And the dehumidifier is the circulation of the room air over and over the cycle of dehumidification, a 20 liter / day dehumidifier, the air volume per hour is 150m3, according to the normal room 20, 2.5 meters high. The dehumidifier can circulate all the air in your room more than 3 times in an hour. 20 liters of water can be pulled out in one day.

The household dehumidifier belongs to the freezing type dehumidifier. In the process of dehumidification, two processes are condensed and evaporated to achieve the effect of dehumidification. The operation is simple and the effect of dehumidification is good. It can effectively make the wet environment space quickly and comfortable. The use of dehumidifiers not only works faster but also does not make people feel chilling. So simply, the dehumidifier reduces the humidity by absorbing the moisture of the room, and the air conditioner just blows the dry air into your room and has nothing to do with the water in the air in your room.