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Automatic Defrosting Device For Dehumidifier
Apr 07, 2018

Automatic defrosting device for dehumidifier

A. computer control automatic defrosting device: using advanced computer control technology. Accurate induction defrosting temperature, to ensure that the machine can still operate normally in the environment of low to 5 degrees C, it is the most advanced and reliable automatic defrosting device, so that the dehumidifier has the energy of "all weather" work.

B. mechanical temperature control defrosting device: using the metal memory chip temperature controller, because the defrosting temperature can not be accurately controlled, so the defrosting performance is not stable enough, often some machines can operate normally around 8 degrees C, and some are frosting and stopping at about 13 degrees C.

Therefore, this defrosting device is not very accurate and reliable.

Remarks: some A type dehumidifiers are equipped with relays on the machine to stop the compressor at regular intervals (the electric fans keep running continuously) and wait for the heat exchanger.