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Back To The South Is Coming! What Is The Use Of The Dehumidifier In The End
Jun 10, 2018

Back to the South is coming! What is the use of the dehumidifier in the end?
During the rains in March, many areas in the south began to turn cloudy and rainy weather. At this time, the weather was easy to begin to return to the tide, and there was a “heading back to the south” that caused headaches. When Nan Tian appeared, the bed sheets were wet and the clothes did not dry. Even the walls and floors will be "watery," and there is a lot of wetness everywhere. What many people do not know is that in the weather back in the south, dense fog has filled the air with relative humidity of up to 100%!

    It is understood that when the air humidity is too high, it has a great influence on people's health. People are prone to irritation, drowsiness and loss of appetite. What's wrong with wet weather? Many people will choose to use a dehumidifier to survive this difficult time at this time, but is the dehumidifier really reliable?
 Recently, PConline Home Appliances Laboratory has got a dehumidifying and dehumidifying three-in-one Oulun dehumidifier. We immediately answered the actual test to answer whether the Nantian dehumidifier has any use and how useful it is!

   Before the test, it was ultimately necessary to watch the Oulun dehumidifier. After all, the number of people who control the number of faces is really a very important issue.
 The overall appearance of Oulun dehumidifier is hard and full, and the classic mix of black and white colors shows a steady style. It has a full 10.9-inch LCD touch screen, this touch design is specially designed by Taiwan's famous design company combined with ergonomics, the touch screen upward adjustment of 13 °, reading and operating more comfortable.
  The side European Roman columns are slim, elegant, elegant and stylish. The design of the air outlet adopts an aesthetic return type, so that the outlet is more even, beautiful and hierarchical.
  There are eight key buttons on the touch screen: switch, timing, wind speed, mode, automatic, negative ion and plus or minus adjustment buttons. Oulun dehumidifier has three wind speeds to choose from, as well as dehumidification, drying, child lock, and sleep mode, one-button operation can be started, convenient and quick, the elderly and children will use. If you do not want to keep it at all times, you can automatically shut down 8 hours, more secure in the dehumidification process.
 If you have a bear child in your family and you turn on the child lock mode, you don't need to worry about unnecessary injuries caused by the wrong operation of bear children. When you touch the sleep mode button, the entire touch screen will be dark, making you sleep more comfortably.
In the details of the design of the appearance, Oulun dehumidifier can be described as very intimate. At the bottom of the machine, a 360° rotating balance wheel is set. The balance caster is made of PA wear-resistant material. The mobile dehumidifier makes handling easier.
  Second, the Oulun dehumidifier uses a direct drain design from outside, plug and play, to avoid the trouble of frequent pouring. The bottom of the back is also provided with a flexible winding column, user-friendly storage, beautiful and use.
Part 1: Dehumidification test

    According to scientific research, the comfortable environment of the human body should be a temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40%-60%. The Oulun dehumidifier has built-in temperature and humidity dual probes to accurately monitor the humidity of the environment. Smart dehumidification allows you to be in a comfortable environment at all times.
  This time, we chose the indoor environment of 40 square meters, opened the German industry dehumidifier Oulun, observe the indoor environment humidity changes. We will adjust the dehumidifier to manual dehumidification mode, the default is mid-range wind speed, this time the indoor environment humidity is displayed as 71%, by pressing the "up" and "down" keys to adjust the set humidity, we will set the humidity to 50%, Three hours later, Deye dehumidifier reached the set ambient humidity and shut down automatically. When the ambient humidity exceeds 3% of the set humidity, it will automatically resume operation.
  It is worth mentioning that this German industry dehumidifier has built-in electromagnetic float full water alarm device, when the water is full will automatically stop, this time the water full of red light will flash to remind you that the water is full and need to be dealt with in time.

   It can be seen that with the help of dehumidifiers in wet weather, the air humidity can be quickly reduced, leaving everyone in a comfortable environment. The use of the Aurum dehumidifier can quickly dehumidify the room and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold during wet weather.

Part 2: Drying ability test

    One of the most unappreciable things in the South China Sea, which lasts for one or two months in the spring, is that the windows do not dare to open, the underwear does not dry for a week, and there is always a musty smell. At this time, you have a dehumidifier. You don't have to worry about clothes quit, no clothes to wear back to Nantian.
  How does the dehumidifier's drying effect work? We put the white towel in the washing machine and dry it (the weight of the towel is 349g). We put the towel on the outlet of the dehumidifier and use the one button of the Aurum dehumidifier. Dry mode is performed for blow drying tests.
 After 3 hours, we found that the white towel was dry and could be folded into a closet. The weight of the towel was 238 g.
  It can be seen that the drying capacity of the Aurum dehumidifier is among the best in its class of dehumidifiers. In the rainy days, it is necessary to dry clothes and use it to return to the southern sky. Efficient dehumidification and sustained high winds will not damage the clothes during the drying process.

    An excellent dehumidifier must not only dehumidify, dry, but also dare to innovate and go all out in every detail. This is a dehumidifying and drying clothes purifying 3-in-1 compression dehumidifier. While purifying the air, it also has a built-in negative ion generator to provide the negative ions needed by the human body daily. The appropriate amount of negative ions can promote the body's metabolism and enhance the body's immunity. This negative ion function can be selectively opened according to your needs.

Part 3: Noise Test

    When using a dehumidifier, excessive noise can interfere with our work and future life. What is the noise level of this Deye dehumidifier when it is in operation? Deye dehumidifier T22A3 has a total of three wind speeds that are adjustable. The measured noise values for different wind speed modes are as follows:
   In the strong wind mode, the noise level is 61.1 dB; in the mid-range wind speed mode, the noise level is 56.9 dB; in the low wind mode, the noise level is 54.0 dB.
In the process of continuous dehumidification, the operation noise of the Debian dehumidifier T22A3 was satisfactory, and even if it was at night, it would not notice that it emitted loud noise. Because the Aulun dehumidifier uses the aerodynamic principle, every detail of the air flow is carefully designed, and on the basis of ensuring smooth wind power, the noise generated by the wind resistance is less, so that light dehumidification and sleep do not disturb.

Summary: The dehumidifier's usefulness is still quite large for several months of weather back in the south. The appearance of dehumidifiers can be said to minimize the damage of wet weather to us. Deye dehumidifier T22A3 is excellent in both dehumidification efficiency and dry clothes performance. Deye has been focusing on dehumidifiers and has a strong comprehensive strength in the domestic dehumidification industry. When you come back to Nantian, if you want to buy a dehumidifier, the Debian dehumidifier T22A3 is a good choice.