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Buy Power Distribution Room Dehumidifier Need To Pay Attention To What?
Jul 14, 2017

1, pay attention to select the brand

Because the choice of power distribution room dehumidifier to take into account the durability, so when the purchase should pay attention to see the brand, usually large brands of dehumidifier shell material used and dehumidification mode are more advanced, and large brands will usually have a set Very perfect quality management system, so the use of dehumidifier performance and safety and after-sales service are more reliable.

2, pay attention to calculate the amount of dehumidification

As the power distribution room dehumidifier has a variety of different models so can provide the maximum amount of dehumidification will be different, so the time required to calculate the required dehumidification capacity, and then follow the dehumidifier parameters For comparison, choose a more dehumidifier type and model to use, to ensure that the dehumidification needs of the distribution room can be met.

3, pay attention to dehumidifier power and quantity

If the enterprise power distribution room larger equipment, then the purchase of power distribution room dehumidifier when the power should also pay attention to the dehumidifier, and according to the power and the maximum amount of dehumidification to calculate how many desiccant equipment required to avoid power Or the number of less than the resulting dehumidification effect is poor.