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Can You Ask About The Dehumidification Of The Air Conditioner As Well As The Dehumidifier? Which Is Better
Feb 04, 2018

The main function of the air conditioning is to adjust the temperature, and the dehumidification is only the auxiliary function brought by the cooling. In comparison with this, the cooling power of the dehumidifier is much larger, and the effect of dehumidification is certainly more obvious.
Of course, if the air conditioning, and the dehumidification effect is not high, it is not necessary to add the dehumidifier.
The air conditioning dehumidification function is only an auxiliary function, the dehumidifier is dedicated to the use of 5- in 38 dehumidification temperature reaches the set humidity down. Although the two principles are the same, the air-conditioner controls the indoor temperature, and the temperature stops when the temperature is set, and it is not dehumidifying.