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Can You Put A Humidifier In The Bedroom At Night
Mar 25, 2018

Can you put a humidifier in the bedroom at night

May not

Department of respiration doctors said, in order to improve the indoor dry environment, many families have used the humidifier, while people are enjoying the moist air at the same time, all kinds of bacteria in indoor also in this environment the growth and reproduction of these bacteria is caused by pneumonia and respiratory disease fierce element.

This disease called "humidifier pneumonia" by doctors is similar to the common "air conditioning disease" in summer. It is all caused by harmful microorganisms entering the respiratory tract of the air through air and causing inflammation.

All kinds of microbes floating in the air and scattered in the dust and objects will grow and reproduce quickly once the temperature and humidity are suitable. The elderly, children and other people who are relatively weak in resistance will easily infect bacteria. In winter, the common microorganisms in the room include bacteria and actinomycetes besides bacteria. All of these can cause pneumonia or respiratory diseases. The sputum cough caused by these diseases will also accelerate the spread of bacteria.

If the air humidifier is not used correctly, it will also cause certain harm to the human body. Experts remind users of the following points when they are used:

1. Patients with arthritis and diabetes use air humidifier carefully. Humid air will aggravate the condition of arthritis and diabetes, so it is generally not recommended to use this kind of patient. If the patients do need to use humidifier to reduce the incidence of some respiratory complications, they should consult with the specialist to determine the appropriate humidity so as to stabilize the primary disease.

2, in accordance with the instructions of the instructions, regularly clean humidifier. If the humidifier itself is not sanitary, the pathogen will float in the air with water vapor, and it will also cause harm to the health of the human body.

3. The tap water can not be directly added to the humidifier. Because tap water contains a variety of minerals, will cause damage to the evaporator of the humidifier, containing water will also affect its service life. Chlorine atoms and microbes in tap water are likely to be contaminated with the water mist into the air. If the water hardness of the tap water is high, the water spray in the humidifier contains calcium and magnesium ions, which will produce white powder and pollute the indoor air.

4, the humidity of the humidifier is adjusted at any time according to the weather conditions, indoor and outdoor temperature. It is understood that many patients are only adjusting humidity when they start buying air humidifiers. This will reduce the effectiveness of the humidifier, once the rainy weather, indoor humidity rise, humidifier humidity is still not reduced, virtually increased the humidity, even if people feel clammy sticky uncomfortable, long time is not conducive to the health of the human body; if the weather is too dry, and the humidity is not high humidifier that weakened the role of humidifier.

The humidifier should be cleaned once a week

According to experts, the humidifier should change water every day, and it is best to clean it once a week to prevent the microbes in the water from spreading into the air. When cleaning with a soft brush gently scrub the sink and the sensor with a soft cloth, water tank filled with water can be drained shaking a few times. The water in the water tank should not be dried for a long time, and the parts of the humidifier are collected again. Choose what kind of humidifier should be purchased according to the needs of their own home, such as whether there are elderly, children and other screening options.

The humidity of the air is not higher. The humidity that the human body feels comfortable is about 50% in winter. If the air humidity is too high, people will feel chest tightness and difficulty in breathing, so humidification should be moderately good.

It is understood that the general humidity is about 40% to 60%, and the human body will feel good. Once the humidity of the air is less than 20%, the increase in the respirable particles in the room makes it easy for people to catch a cold. When the air humidity is 55%, the pathogen is difficult to spread, but if the air humidity is too high, such as more than 90%, it will make the human respiratory system and mucosa discomfort, decrease immunity, especially for the elderly. It will induce influenza, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases in the elderly.