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Common Faults And Solutions Of Basement Dehumidifiers
Jul 14, 2017

The reason for the failure of the basement dehumidifier is as follows: the input of the mains voltage or the power supply circuit is abnormal, or the chip NE555 is abnormal, or the switch K1 and K2 are abnormal. To solve the underground dehumidifier this failure, you should first check the power outlet with or without the rated AC voltage, if not to check the socket and line, if there is to check whether the fuse fuse, if the fuse to check the compressor, fan motor, if If the voltage is normal, then the control circuit is abnormal. If the power supply circuit or control circuit is abnormal, Underground dehumidifier manufacturers pointed out that check the control circuit, you should first check the switch K1, K2 is normal, if not the normal replacement; if normal check C1, NE555.