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Dehumidification Method Of Automobile Air Conditioning After Rain
Jan 28, 2018

After the heavy rain. The maintenance of the car is indispensable. For example, the maintenance of the automobile engine, the chassis and the maintenance of the wiper can not be ignored, but the dehumidification work in the interior is especially important.

After the rain, the air conditioning often has mildew taste. In order to eliminate this smell, there is a simple way to maximize the warm air of the air-conditioner, and to use the various air outlet modes for about 15 minutes. When the air conditioning works, the temperature of the vent can reach 40 -50 C, so the hot air in the air can be evaporated and mildew. In indoor moisture-proof, once the weather clears, open four windows, let indoor air convection, and the body heated by heat will quickly exclude the internal deposition of water vapor.

In addition, the sound tide is also worth noticing. During the rainy season, when the humidity is increasing, the surface of the CD record often has a layer of fog, which will cause the failure of the reading disk, so scrubbing it every other time.
If you can, a small dehumidifier can be put into the car to dehumidification in order to ensure the dry and fresh air in the car.