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Dehumidifier For Dehumidifier Pipe Dehumidifier
Apr 07, 2018

Dehumidifier for dehumidifier pipe dehumidifier

The pipe dehumidifier uses evaporator to dehumidification and dehumidification of the air, and reclaims the condensation heat of the system to make up for the heat lost in the air because of cooling and dehumidification. It is a highly efficient and energy-saving dehumidification method. It provides a kind of heat, refrigeration and dehumidification to meet the indoor temperature and humidity under different indoor and external temperatures. The pipe dehumidification method and its equipment are mainly composed of the cooling and dehumidifying mode, the temperature regulating and dehumidifying mode, the heating and dehumidifying mode, the heating mode and the automatic defrosting.

Dehumidifier is a product of seasonal use. If it is used properly in daily use, it can also reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the dehumidifier except the maximum efficiency of the dehumidifier. Here are some ways to correctly use, maintain and maintain the dehumidifier.

1, correctly adjust the humidity of the dehumidifier: when the user regulates the humidity of the dehumidifier, the humidity should be set according to the humidity, the number of people in the space, the size of the space and so on. Usually when resting and sleeping are less active, the relative humidity of the room is about 60%RH, and the body will feel more comfortable. The humidity setting is too low, in addition to making people feel dry, the humidity is different in the room and outside, and the humidity is expanded quickly. The compressor frequently starts and stops, shortens the service life of the dehumidifier and consumes more energy.

2, cleaning the dehumidifier regularly: removing the filter net of the dehumidifier regularly for cleaning, can effectively improve the dedusting effect of the dehumidifier and improve the environmental air quality. Regular cleaning of radiator of outdoor unit can effectively improve its heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency, and improve the efficiency of dehumidifier.

3, regularly let the professional check the dehumidifier: after the dehumidifier is used for a long time, the electric circuit and the control element in the unit will have different degrees of aging. It will cause serious damage to the unit and the human body, and regularly let the professional check the circuit of the dehumidifier, replace the aging components, supplement the refrigerant, and can make the refrigerant. It prevents the aging of components from damaging the machine and human body, and keeps the dehumidifier in good working condition.

4, for a long time, do not use dehumidifier, should do good protection measures: winter or out of the long term do not use the dehumidifier, the use of protective cover to cover the dehumidifier, avoid the sun and rain, dust deposition, resulting in the difficulties of cleaning and maintenance in the future.