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Dehumidifier Is Divided Into Active And Manual
Jul 14, 2017

Dehumidifiers are specially designed for a certain type of space or for a particular item of dehumidification models, such as tobacco library dedicated dehumidifier. Usually dehumidification Ventilation, freezing dehumidification or moisture absorption (such as lithium chloride, calcium chloride) moisture absorption, but ventilation and dehumidification by the outdoor environment of the direct constraints, only in the outdoor air humidity can meet the requirements when applied; Can be limited, and corrosive, usually only apply to the lower requirements of dehumidification occasions, and dehumidification has been significantly behind. Therefore, these occasions usually use mechanical refrigeration dehumidifier, which is affected by the external environment, dehumidification and strong.

Inside the dehumidifier, the dehumidifying wheel seal system is divided into a treatment zone and a regeneration zone, and the dehumidifying runner rotates slowly at a speed of 8-12 revolutions per hour to ensure that all dehumidification work is a continuous process. When the treated humid air (called air) enters the treated area of the runner 270o, the water molecules in the air are absorbed by the moisture absorber in the runner, and the water vapor undergoes phase change at the same time, releasing the latent heat; and turning the air The wheel is absorbed by the necessary moisture and tends to full; at this time, the treatment of air due to their own water cut and the release of latent heat become dry, hot air; and after the treatment of dry air will be sent.