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Dehumidifier Main Types
Feb 20, 2018

Cooling dehumidifier

1.1 By using the function points can be divided into: general type, cooling type, thermostat type, multi-function type.

General dehumidifier refers to the air through the evaporator cooling and dehumidification, reheater heating to reduce the relative humidity, the refrigerant condensation heat all through the reheater air away, the outlet temperature can not be adjusted, only Dehumidifier in the heating dehumidifier.

Cooling dehumidifier refers to the general type dehumidifier based on the majority of the refrigerant condensation heat away from the water-cooled or air-cooled condenser, only a small part of the condensation heat used to heat the air after the evaporator can be used to cool Dehumidifier dehumidifier.

Temperature-based dehumidifier is based on the general type dehumidifier, the refrigerant condensation heat can be all or part of the water-cooled or air-cooled condenser away, the remaining condensation heat used to heat the air after the evaporator, the out Wind temperature can be adjusted dehumidifier.

Multifunctional dehumidifier refers to set dehumidification (general type), cooling dehumidification, dehumidification three functions in one dehumidifier, without the outdoor unit (air-cooled) or cooling water (water) can still choose the temperature dehumidification Function dehumidifier dehumidifier.

1.2 with or without fan points, can be divided into: conventional dehumidifier, duct dehumidifier.

1.3 divided by structure, can be divided into: the whole, split, the overall mobile.

1.4 by the applicable temperature range, can be divided into: A type (normal type 18 ~ 38 ℃), B type (low temperature type 5 ~ 38 ℃).

1.5 by sending back the wind points, can be divided into: before the return to bring a hood type, back to send and so on.

1.6 points by the control form, can be divided into: automatic and non-automatic and so on.

1.7 according to the special use points, there are new style, explosion-proof type.

Wheel dehumidifier

The main structure of the wheel dehumidifier is a continuously rotating honeycomb dryer. Drying wheel is dehumidifier moisture absorption of the key components, which is made of a special composite heat-resistant material corrugated medium form. Corrugated medium containing hygroscopic agent. This design, compact structure, but also wet air and hygroscopic media to provide sufficient contact with the huge surface area. Thus greatly improving the dehumidifier dehumidification efficiency.

Dehumidifier solution

The solution dehumidification air conditioning system is based on the dehumidification solution as hygroscopic agent adjustment

Wheel dehumidifier schematic

Wheel dehumidifier schematic

Air humidity, water as the refrigerant to adjust the air temperature of the active dehumidification air treatment technology developed to provide a new air-conditioned operating conditions of the new air-conditioning products; its core is the use of desiccant physical characteristics, through innovative solutions dehumidification and regeneration To achieve efficient dehumidification at dew point temperatures. System temperature control completely open atmosphere at atmospheric pressure. With manufacturing simple, reliable operation, energy-saving and efficient technical features. The system consists of four basic modules. They are the supply air (fresh air and return air) module, the humidity control module, the temperature control module and the solution regenerator module.

Meet the standard: This product meets the national standard GB4706.32-2004.

Pipeline dehumidifier

Pipeline dehumidifier evaporator to cool the air temperature and humidity, and recovery of the system condensation heat, make up for the loss of heat in the air cooling and dehumidification is a highly efficient energy-saving dehumidification method, which is to provide a can be in different indoor and outdoor Temperature, indoor heating, cooling and dehumidification to meet the indoor temperature and humidity requirements of pipeline thermostat and humidity control methods and equipment, pipeline dehumidification system consists of cooling dehumidification mode, temperature dehumidification mode, heating and humidity mode, heating mode , Automatic defrost composition.

Electro-osmosis dehumidifier

Electro-osmosis dehumidifier, also known as wall dehumidifier, is a new moisture-proof waterproof dehumidification equipment, the product uses multi-pulse electro-osmosis dehumidification (MPS) principle. Electro-osmosis dehumidifier can generate a pulsed magnetic field, from the root cause of the wall to solve the problem of wet and capillary problems. Electro-osmosis dehumidifier has the advantages of small volume, low energy consumption, large area of dehumidification, high efficiency and silent, etc. It is widely used in waterproofing and dehumidification in villas, subways, ancient buildings, hospitals, libraries and underground construction projects.

The advantages of electro-osmosis dehumidifier:

1, dehumidification area, storey height is not limited. Effective dehumidification area of 20 meters in diameter (314 ㎡) range, just use the bottom to dry the entire building. As long as the diameter of 20 meters, no matter how high the floor, the number of rooms, only one electro-osmosis dehumidifier is enough.

2, low energy consumption, beautiful and lightweight.

To electro-osmosis dehumidifier, for example, its power is only 14W, weight: 2.7kg, volume: 150mm × 190mm × 320mm, hanging in the basement wall, almost occupy no interior space.

3, efficient mute, does not affect the indoor comfort. As the electro-osmosis dehumidifier does not exist compressor, fan and other components, it can be said that truly "0" noise. Effectively maintain the indoor natural dry season, the body without any discomfort. Keeping the walls dry in winter can save you money on heating (a 50% increase in heating costs for every 10% increase in wall humidity).

4,24 hours continuous dehumidification, fundamentally solve the problem of moisture. Electro-osmosis dehumidifiers do not require any water storage containers and water molecules flow directly down the interior of the wall into the soil.

Electro-osmosis dehumidifier applications:

Electro-osmosis dehumidifier originated in Germany, more than 30 years of successful experience in foreign countries, the technology is mature. Widely used in Germany, Austria, Britain, France, Russia, Hungary, Bavaria, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia and more than 20 countries.

Around 2010, some domestic enterprises and institutions began to install a practical electro-osmosis dehumidifier.

Electro-osmosis dehumidifiers are mainly used in buildings, ancient ruins, archives, historical relics, museums, libraries, hospitals, banks, vaults, drug stores, warehouses, archives, medical records, basements, schools and other enterprises and institutions , Villas and upscale residential area.

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