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Dehumidifier With Moisture And Mildew
May 30, 2018

Dehumidifier with moisture and mildew

It is not necessary to purchase additional dehumidifiers, dryers, and moisture-resistant and mildew-proof measures proposed by many netizens to achieve the purpose of dehumidification by using existing equipment in the home. If users have suggested that air-conditioners can replace dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers are operated for a period of time each day, the electricity bill will not increase significantly, but the dehumidification effect is very obvious. In addition, many anti-mildew moisture-proof items do not need to be purchased. Some netizens pointed out that the coffee grounds left after coffee is a good moisture-proof product. In addition, washing powder can also be used to prevent moisture, poke a few holes in the filling detergent, so that detergent can play the role of moisture absorption, after the laundry powder condenses into pieces, but also continue to play laundry effect, can be described as "two error".

The level of air humidity is usually not easy to notice. Due to lack of understanding of this aspect and the lack of necessary protective measures, the damage caused by moisture, mold, and metal oxidation occurs at any time and continues to cause losses. According to the statistics of the relevant data in 1989, the losses caused by wet mold and oxidative corrosion are about 3% to 3% of the total value of production in the world, the United States is 70 billion US dollars (including military equipment and materials lost 5 to 6 billion US dollars), and the United Kingdom is 16 Billion pounds, Japan is 11 billion U.S. dollars, the former West Germany was 19 billion U.S. dollars, and China is 30 billion U.S. dollars.
In high-humidity environments, the hazards of moisture to industrial products and other items are mainly due to mildew and deliquescence of non-metal products, and corrosion of metal products.

This will use the dehumidifier, dryer, dehumidifier has the following effects:


1, humidity regulation
While maintaining the proper temperature in the room, it must also have suitable indoor humidity. The relative humidity in summer is between 50%-60%, and the relative humidity in winter is between 40%-50%. People feel more comfortable.
The humidity conditioning process of the dehumidifier to the air essentially increases or decreases the latent heat that the air has, and adjusts the content of water vapor in the air during this process. Dehumidifiers can be reached.
2, air flow regulation
The adjustment of temperature and humidity can only be realized by air flow. Therefore, air flow regulation can not be ignored in air conditioning. Air flow regulation and distribution directly affect the use of air conditioning systems. The speed of air-conditioned rooms should not exceed 0.25 m/h. s.
3, air clarity
There are different levels of harmful gases and dust in the air. They can easily enter the trachea, lungs, and other organs as people breathe. These dust particles often carry bacteria and spread various diseases. Therefore, dehumidifiers are necessary for air filtration during air conditioning. Purification method is: ventilation filtration, adsorption, absorption and catalytic combustion.