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Effect Of Humidifier In Spraying Workshop
Dec 21, 2017

The effect of humidifier in the spraying workshop:

1. Reduce dust accumulation, ensure the requirements of "flow leveling" process after spray paint treatment, and improve the brightness of the surface of the spraying workpiece.

2. The full combustion of volatile gas from the paint can be eliminated and the paint can be eliminated.

3, absorb the heat of the body surface, to achieve the effect of surface cooling.

To use the humidifier paint spraying workshop requirements are relatively high, there is a water film formed on the body is not allowed, the first water film easy adhesion of impurities in the air, the water film after drying in the body caused by impurity defects, and reduce the adhesion, finish coating lose light white, peeling coating quality abnormal phenomenon. Dry mist humidifier can reach 5-7.5um because of its atomization average particle. It can float in the air fast evaporation, but like dry fog, it is very suitable for spraying workshop.