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High Temperature Dehumidifier Is Widely Used
Jul 14, 2017

Our common dehumidifier operating principle is frozen air dehumidification principle. This dehumidifier structure is very simple, dehumidifier by the compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water tanker, chassis and controller composition. High temperature dehumidifier its operating principle is that the fan will be humid air into the machine, through the heat exchanger, at the moment the air condensed into water droplets into a dry air discharge machine, so the cycle of indoor humidity. In short, this dehumidifier is to freeze the air to zero below, and then remove the moisture after condensation. Simple, is the most common way on the market.

High temperature dehumidifiers are widely used in units, archives, materials, libraries, computer rooms, fine equipment room, hospitals and valuables warehouse and other places, so that electronic products, optical instruments, fine equipment and valuables to avoid the wet, mildew The These years with the citizens of the living standards continue to improve, we update the concept of consumption, dehumidifier also gradually into the family, as many families indispensable. Especially in the rainy season, they became a senior clothing leather, advanced home appliances to protect God, became rheumatism, respiratory system and other diseases and the elderly, maternal and infants and young children health care workers, for all the needs of the user to create a suitable humidity Outstanding environment.