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How Do The Humidifier Run
May 09, 2018

How do the humidifier run

1 first, the steam source is connected, and the saturated steam crosswise movement in the nozzle jacket, and the loop flows into the elbow to enter the evaporation chamber.

2 because of the sudden increase in the section of the evaporator, the steam decelerates and the inertia effect and the baffle block are blocked. The condensate in the steam is separated and discharged through the outlet of the condensate at the bottom of the evaporation chamber; the steam is separated from the top of the separation chamber into the preheated dry drying chamber, and the drying room is filled with stainless steel filter. Materials, filter and separate the residual moisture in the steam, open the regulating valve, decrease the pressure in the drying room, reduce the vaporization temperature, and then heat the residue in the steam, then the drying process of the saturated steam is completed, the vapour water separation of the saturated steam is completed, and the dry steam is entered through the regulating valve. The nozzle is ejected from the nozzle with silencer mesh to achieve the humidification of the air.