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How The Quilt Is Stored Will Not Be Mouldy
Jan 28, 2018

At high and low temperatures. With a clear rain, the temperature of more than 30 degrees changed into ten degrees. T - shirt also changed into down jacket, still feel the abnormal cold! The quilt was rebuilt again. It's getting warmer and warmer. Dongxin dehumidifier and today we explore together under
How the quilt is stored will not be mouldy.
And quilt should be more dry and dry. When you are free, you can't shake it up or shake it up. If there is a yellow spot, it means that it has spawned bacteria and worms. You'd better throw it away. The feather quilt and the porous fiber can be washed, but it should not be washed regularly. It is recommended to send dry cleaning once in 3-5 years.
Let the quilt breathe through the air in the sunlight, it can play the role of ventilating, drying, restoring fluffy, sterilizing and killing insects, making quilt cover more comfortable, and also conducive to long-term preservation.
For the cotton quilt, the cotton fiber is coarse and short, easy to break, and it will make the fiber run out of the cotton dust. General synthetic fiber and long thin quilt, easy deformation, not easy to beat the fiber after once tightening reduction, become a hardened. Down is more unable to beat, or the down down will break into a small "feather dust", thereby affecting the heating effect. As long as the quilt is lightly brushed through the brush, the dust will be removed.
The thin quilt can be collected after cleaning and drying, and should pay attention to moisture-proof and dust prevention and insect proof and mildew prevention.
When buying the quilt, the bag should be kept well, this is its best collection bag, environmental protection and good use. After the quilt is cleaned, it is loaded into the bag in the dry condition.
It is easy to use the Ulun dehumidifier to control the indoor humidity in the wet environment!