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How To Buy Dust Humidifier?
Jul 14, 2017

First, the first, simple structure. The main body of the rotor dehumidifier consists of four parts: a low-rotation runner, a regenerative heater, a fan and a regenerative fan. The structure of the rotor dehumidifier is very simple and the operation and maintenance of the equipment are very Convenient and simple, and become a simple operation of the rotor dehumidifier.

Second, the wheel dehumidifier wheel paper core mainly use inorganic components of the material, inorganic materials, anti-aging is very good, Naisuan Jian, the chemical stability is better, which also has a longer service life.

Third, at the same time, the rotor dehumidifier internal rotation of the unit area within the dehumidification capacity. As the rotor dehumidifier is the use of honeycomb-shaped flow channel, when the air flow through the honeycomb channel, in the boundary laminar flow state can be a good full heat and moisture exchange, desiccant ability is also strong The

In addition, the rotor dehumidifier can continuously obtain low dew point, low temperature dry air. The solid absorbent has a very good hygroscopicity and does not undergo any chemical reaction even if it absorbs a certain amount of water. Therefore, it is possible to remove the internal moisture and moisture as long as the solid absorbent continues to heat. It is also because of this nature that the dehumidifier can have a rotational rotation, and the dehumidification and regeneration can be carried out continuously.