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How To Choose A Dehumidifier To Prevent Moisture
Feb 06, 2018

You need to pay attention to the dehumidifier
Whether you are a southern user or a North resident, you have to pay attention to the following points in the dehumidifier.
Now on the market in the sale of the brand dehumidifier can use a word to describe: a grasp of a lot; although the dehumidifier product on the market, there are more choices, but in the face of many brands of dehumidifier products, some enterprises but not in the purchase of the dehumidifier products to hand. Consumers must be careful in the process of choosing a dehumidifier, and some details and some essential problems should be taken into consideration.
Look at the brand
If you really carry presbyopia, think of this, that is good, do not know how to choose when, then, may wish to buy brand products. The household dehumidifier belongs to the more regional household appliances, which is much richer than the European and American manufacturers. Matsushita, MITSUBISHI, SHARP, Toshiba, Hitachi motor has its own products, in Europe and the United States Department of Delong, Jin Zhang, Whirlpool and other manufacturers are localized, and LG is the representative of Korean dehumidifier. As for domestic brands, there are TCL, MeiLing and Baicheng brands, including Deye, baao, Europe well, Taiwan Pu Li and so on.
Because the principle of compression dehumidifier is similar to fridge, air conditioner and so on. Therefore, apart from professional dehumidifier manufacturing brand, there are white appliances brand. It is suggested that the consumer should start with the big brand when choosing the dehumidifier, and the dehumidifier of the technical specialty is good.
Buy and buy on demand
When can you use a dehumidifier? There is no limit to this. As long as you feel the humidity in the room is obvious, it can be opened to improve the humidity in the room. For the personal experience of these years, the north can be used for the dehumidifier. The main reason is that when the rain is more in July and August, the basement will be relatively humid. In the rainy season and the south of the Yangtze River, the user will have a higher probability of using the dehumidifier. Of course, during the winter, users can also use desiccant dryer to dry clothes, while the frequency of use in Southern China is the highest, not only for clothes, but also for indoor dehumidification.
The main demand for the dehumidifier is the three aspects: the dehumidification of the basement, the drying of clothes and the dehumidification in the house. When the consumer plans to choose a dehumidifier, it is recommended to start with the best size of your own.
Because the dehumidifier is too small to make the dehumidifier too heavy, the dehumidification is too strong and the excess power will be consumed. So do not buy dehumidifier to buy dehumidification ability is not enough, and do not use a small room with too good dehumidifier, everything depends on the demand. The calculation formula of dehumidification capacity is as follows: every square meter (a flat =3.3 square meter) can calculate 0.24 liters of dehumidification every day, for example, the indoor area is 6 flat: 3.3 * 6 * 0.24=4.8, which can purchase 5 liters capacity. It can also be simplified to 1:1, for example, 6 liter capacity for 6 flat. The basic flat is based on 1 liters of dehumidification.
No humidity control function
Earlier, the dehumidifier also belong to new goods in the market, high price, function level is uneven, dehumidifier general 4000 yuan of the following key panel are no humidity control, i.e. in addition to the full tank will stop, this kind of products can sometimes lead to low humidity room in the human body (45%-65% humidity).
Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of technology, most of the high-end dehumidifiers sold in the market are equipped with humidity control functions. The price of these products is 1000 yuan ---2000 yuan. However, there are also some products that do not get the function in time. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose humidity control products when they choose the dehumidifier.
Pay attention to the energy consumption of products
The stronger the desiccant dehumidifier is usually the power consumption is bigger, the traditional compressor dehumidification dehumidifier for 12L power consumption is about 100W-150W per hour, dehumidification 20L power consumption is about 200W-250W per hour, while the wheel desiccant dehumidifier, due to heating so compared with the traditional power consumption increased by more than 1 times, dehumidification the amount of 12L is 300W-500W per hour, so please see the power consumption.
In continuous rain, ordinary families use air conditioning for indoor dehumidification. However, the use of air conditioners to adjust the humidity of the indoor air is slower. It usually takes two or three hours, and it will make people feel cold in the room. At this time, it is suggested that the user should use a professional dehumidifier to improve the humidity in the room.


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