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How To Choose A Household Dehumidifier?
Apr 20, 2018

How to choose a household dehumidifier?

From quality authentication, brand, matching, quality and noise, etc.

Household dehumidifier belongs to compulsory certification, which is an important criterion for ensuring safety. When we choose home dehumidifier, we must recognize this label. This is one of the first and most important steps to choose home dehumidifier.

Domestic dehumidifier abroad can be said to be a very popular small household appliances, but in China has not been accepted by the vast number of family users, so the manufacturer is not too much. At present, home dehumidifiers are not only imported brands, but also several well-known brand manufacturers in China. But even so, it is still recommended to buy the dehumidifier products of famous manufacturers in the large household electrical appliances city, so that the maintenance and maintenance of the future are also guaranteed.

The main function of the household dehumidifier is to dehumidification, but each family's room area, room orientation, living habits and population number have their own characteristics. So, when choosing the household dehumidifiers, they should be screened according to their own characteristics. If the dehumidifier is selected and bought by the air filter, it is usually per flat. 20--30W is suitable for rice.

Domestic dehumidifiers require higher vibration and noise. This is the consensus of the industry. When we choose home dehumidifier, we can judge the performance of the machine through a test machine. But one thing to pay attention to is that it is best to find a relatively quiet space for testing because the family environment is much quieter than the store.