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How To Choose Mobile Air Conditioning
Jan 07, 2018

First, the effect of refrigeration

Mobile air-conditioning is the biggest advantage of the cooling effect in local area than ordinary air conditioning, mobile air conditioning use famous brand compressor, hydrophilic aluminum foil, R22 environmental protection refrigerant, condensed water automatic processing of fast refrigeration, cooling capacity range in 2500W/3200W/4600W, small power, high efficiency, no water discharge worries.

Two, ventilation

Air conditioning ventilation in relation to our health, air circulation ordinary air-conditioning only for indoor air circulation, and mobile air conditioning is to reduce indoor air temperature at the same time in the outdoor fresh air, to ensure the exchange with the indoor air, avoid the user "air conditioning disease".

Three, power consumption

1. the power is selected according to the area. The area of the mobile air conditioning 1P is within 15 flat area; the area of 1.5P is less than 15-20 square meters; the area of the large 1.5p is less than 25 square meters.

2. according to the direction of the room and the circulation of space. Generally speaking, sunrise or poorly ventilated rooms need to be considered to install a large number of air conditioners.

3. choose energy efficiency by time. The higher the energy efficiency level, the lower the energy consumption, for example, the first level energy efficiency level is the highest.