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How To Choose The Dehumidifier
Apr 07, 2018

How to choose the dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is a device that directly supplies the treated air to the room or area, and has the function of dehumidification. Consumers should pay attention to the following problems when choosing dehumidifiers.

1, choose brand

The household dehumidifier is generally used as a durable consumer goods. In the case of failure, the consumer needs the after-sales service to inspect, repair or replace the spare parts. The manufacturer of famous brand dehumidifier has a complete set of quality management system, which has good quality assurance ability, and its products have certain guarantee in performance and safety. Consumers can also buy products from large household appliance sales stores, which can provide long-term and excellent after-sales service.

2. Determine the type

There are two types of household dehumidifiers, iron crust and plastic steel shell. Iron case dehumidifier has the advantage of low cost, but there are also disadvantages such as large noise, suitable environmental area and inadequate installation. All plastic steel will dehumidifier all plastic tempered, can reduce the noise of indoor environment, beautiful installation, applicable environment area is large, the choice of styles and models are various.

3. Ability to determine

When choosing dehumidifier products, the capacity of dehumidifier is calculated according to the volume of 20W per square meter of the housing area. Usually, a room with about 10 square meters can use a full plastic dehumidifier with 250W refrigeration; a living room or room with more than 30 square meters is required to use a floor dehumidifier with more than 500W refrigerating capacity. But consumers should also take into account the actual conditions of the use of space, such as the pattern of space, the degree of openness, the intensity of the sun, the ventilation, the number of personnel, such as connecting with other places, or the strong space of the sun should be appropriate to buy a dehumidifier with a larger volume of refrigeration.

4. Select CCC certified products

Dehumidifier CCC logo. On the national quality inspection website, we can check the main parameters of the dehumidifier and the real manufacturers through the CCC number of the dehumidifier. In market sales, dehumidifiers which are not certified by CCC are not allowed to sell.