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How To Dehumidification And Moistureproof Warehouse: Select A Professional Industrial Dehumidifier
Jan 30, 2018

With the rainy season, cloudy and rainy weather than cloudless to see more, how to control the humidity of warehouse, warehouse to prevent moisture?

Seal up:

As soon as possible, the goods are closed as close as possible to reduce the effects of bad weather conditions on the outside world so as to achieve the purpose of safe storage. The sealing method, and combined with the use of ventilation, moisture absorption, such as the use of well, can get damp proof, heat insulation, anti melting, anti cracking, anti freezing, corrosion prevention, pest control and other aspects of the effect.

Sealed custody matters needing attention: before sealing to check the goods quality, moisture and temperature is normal, such as the discovery of fungi and pests, such as fever, water phase phenomena cannot be sealed. It is found that the water content of the goods exceeds the safety range or the packing material is over tide, and it is not suitable for sealing. The time of the seal should be determined according to the performance of the goods and the climate. The goods of fear of tide, dissolving and mildew should be sealed at the time of relatively low relative humidity. The sealing materials are commonly used plastic film, waterproof paper, linoleum, Luxi etc.. These seals must be dry and clean, without odor. The common sealing methods include the whole storage seal, the small chamber seal, the stacking seal, the shelf and the seal.


Ventilation is the air pressure difference which is formed by different air temperatures inside and outside the library, which makes the air inside and outside the library convective to adjust the temperature and humidity of the reservoir. The greater the temperature gap between the inside and outside the reservoir, the faster the air flow, and if there is wind outside the library, the pressure of wind can accelerate the convection of air inside and outside the library. But the wind can't be too large (the wind is more than 5, and the dust is more). The correct ventilation can not only adjust and improve the temperature and humidity in the library, but also distribute the excess moisture of goods and packaging in time. According to the different purpose of ventilation, it can be divided into two kinds: ventilation cooling (or increasing temperature) and ventilation and dispersing.

Moisture absorption:

In the rainy season or rainy season, when the humidity in the storehouse is too high, it is not suitable for goods to be stored, and the humidity outside the storehouse is too large. When it is not suitable for ventilation, the moisture in the storehouse can be reduced by moisture absorption in the sealed storehouse.

With the continuous development of market economy, mechanical moisture absorption method is widely used in modern store warehouse. That is, the dehumidifier uses the humid air in the warehouse through the dehumidifier to extract the moisture from the air, from the air to the dry air.