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How To Improve The Maximum Dehumidification Effect Of The Dehumidifier
Feb 04, 2018

First, cleaning work is important
It is necessary to regularly clean the radiator of outdoor units, improve the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer efficiency, and improve the efficiency of dehumidifiers. Regular cleaning of filter nets can not only enhance the dedusting effect of household dehumidifiers, but also improve indoor air quality.
Second. Setting appropriate humidity
The indoor and outdoor humidity difference, in the use of home dehumidifier, humidity should be set according to their actual situation on the moist feeling, in the space of number and space size; if the humidity is set too low, good moisture expansion rapidly, causes the dehumidifier frequent startup and shutdown, not only power, but also shorten the dehumidification the service life of the machine.
Third. To do a good job of protection
In the winter, or on the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, should cover a dehumidifier with protective cover, avoid the sun and rain, dust deposition, resulting in days after cleaning and maintenance difficulties.
Fourth. Regular replacement of parts
After long use, electrical wiring units within the dehumidifier and control components will have different degrees of aging, in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the unit and the human body, need professional maintenance, replacement of presbyopic elements, complementary refrigerant, make home dehumidifier keep the best working state.
It is not difficult to see that the function of dehumidification has a good dehumidification effect that must be done in every detail in daily use.