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How To Make The Central Dehumidification Achieve The Best Effect
Apr 16, 2018

How to make the central dehumidification achieve the best effect

Sometimes, the effect of dehumidification system often fails to achieve our expected results. In fact, this is not the reason for the dehumidification system itself, or the maintenance of the dehumidifier is not enough. So, when we feel that the effect of dehumidification does not reach the desired effect, we can check the following items first, if there is no problem, it is necessary to check whether the machine has a failure.

1., is there any obstacle in the inlet of the central dehumidification system? If there are obstacles in the inlet, it will affect the air volume of the dehumidifier.

2. room doors and windows are closed: sometimes, the humidity outside the room, doors and windows are not closed, may lead to wet air into the room, increase the humidity of the air in the room, causing dehumidification effect is not ideal.

The presence of moisture absorption products in 3. rooms: when a large number of moisture absorption products are stored in the house, the source of moisture is often increased, the humidity of the room is increased and the effect of dehumidification is greatly reduced.

The applicable area of the 4. dehumidifier is not consistent with its actual area. When the area is too large, the dehumidification of the dehumidifier can not reach the dehumidification standard of the dehumidification system, it will reduce the effect of dehumidification.

5., is air filter network blockage? Once the inlet of dehumidification system is affected, the effect of dehumidification will be greatly reduced. Next, we should pay attention to whether there is fouling on the evaporator and be eroded.

6. dehumidifier has leakage of fluorine out of the refrigerant deficiency: general leakage of fluorine will not be extended for a long time, short time refrigerants will all leak out, so very few dehumidification effect is not good, but not dehumidification.

7., whether the temperature and humidity in the room have been increasing or decreasing: when the room temperature is low, it will affect the dehumidification effect and even do not dehumidification. If the humidity in the room is low, heating and heating can be used to increase the dehumidification effect of the dehumidification system.