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How To Use A Dehumidifier To Be Safer
Jan 28, 2018

Not long ago, when a dehumidifier was used by a resident in Haikou, the furniture and electrical appliances in the room burned down due to a fire caused by a line failure, resulting in a direct property loss of 15 thousand yuan in the family. This event is a wake-up call for everyone, in the use of any electrical appliances, should be safety first. So, for the dehumidifier, what do you need to pay attention to in the daily use?

1. buy and see the brand

Brand is related to quality. Large brands have absolute advantages in quality. Therefore, people pay much attention to brand selection when purchasing big appliances. However, when buying small appliances such as dehumidifiers, they often focus on price and ignore brand and product quality. This practice is not advisable.

The investigation, many consumers believe that the functions are the same thing, because it is a big brand, so much money, in the brand, there is no need. In fact, the reason why the big brands sell expensive, the reason depends on many aspects, such as product material, manufacturing process, quality inspection, after sale and so on. Those products that are not known or have no production qualification are not guaranteed by quality, but once they fail, they will not be able to provide perfect after-sales service.

As mentioned at the beginning of the case, the fire caused by the use of dehumidifier after home, if the residents of the purchase is "inferior", "copycat" products, so the losses caused by fire will have bad luck. So when you buy a dehumidifier, how do you choose the brand of the dehumidifier? The first is to see whether the qualifications of the enterprises and products are complete, such as the trademark certificate, the national mandatory 3C certification and the ISO quality management system certification. In fact, it is to see whether there is qualification for production. Most of the businesses in the market just temporarily stick their own brands without production qualification, which is just an ordinary dealer, so there is no guarantee in quality and after sale. Third is to see the time of the establishment of the enterprise, the earlier the establishment of the enterprise, the more mature his technology and technology, at the same time withstood the test of the market.

2. ensure power safety

The dehumidifier event mentioned at the beginning of the fire, the cause is the fault line, so in the use of dehumidifier, is very important to ensure power supply safety, safety line including dehumidifier itself, and the working environment of the line, in the purchase of dehumidifier dehumidifier should pay attention to when the plug is 3C certification mark, power line power dehumidification the greater the need to more coarse, brand-name machine in order to save the cost of using power line is relatively fine, no 3C certification, in the use of security risks.

At the same time, most of the large dehumidifying dehumidifiers have larger power. Usually they use three plugs. When they are used, we must ensure that sockets are grounded, and try not to use porous sockets, but "dedicated electricity".

If you do not use a dehumidifier for a long time, you should remember to switch off the power supply. Do not pull the cable part when you dial the power, so as not to break the cable. In addition, if there is water in the hand, do not move the power supply, but the hand should be dry first.
When the dehumidifier is not used, the cable will also try not to knot the cable or unfold the cable so as to avoid the cable damage.

3. the drainage pipe is correctly placed

Although the dehumidifier has two types of drainage, one is to use a built-in water tank to connect water, and the two is to use an external drain pipe. But basically still outside water pipe drainage, especially large and medium dehumidifier, because of the large amount of dehumidification, the water tank can not be used.

When using an external drain pipe, we should pay attention to the placement of the drain pipe. Water flows to the lower part, so we must let drain pipe from high to low, at least horizontal, do not fold or raise the drain, so as to ensure normal drainage. If the indoor drainage pipe is in a high position, it is necessary to purchase a dehumidifier with pump pressure and drainage, which can drain the water from low to high side and not be restricted by the flow of water to the lower part. For example, Chuan Tai TH-52D is a dehumidifier with automatic drainage function of pump pressure.