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How To Wash The Humidifier
Mar 27, 2018

How to wash the humidifier

1. before cleaning the humidifier, please switch the power supply on the mainframe to the "close" place and pull the plug out, so that the cleaning is safer and the electricity will not be touched.

20 million pay attention to the water tank before the extraction, please drop the internal storage water inside the host, otherwise the water will easily flow into the interior of the body and damage the parts.

3. when cleaning, please use a professional cleaning, operation will dissolve into the host liquid detergent storage tank, first gently shaking, so as to fully dissolve scale.

4. scale cleaning, to clean the water storage tank around with a soft brush, but beware of the gravity impact oscillator, otherwise it will damage.

5. use the soft brush to clean the water level sensor, it is necessary to clean the scale, otherwise it will cause blockage and affect the normal operation of the machine.

6. humidifier cleaning is completed, the water tank cleaning solution drained

7. after dropping the solution, clean the sink with clean water, never splash the water into the vent and drop the water.

8. in the descaling, strictly prohibit the use of hard scraping to replace the energy, otherwise it can lead to the next use without fog.

9. in ordinary use, also should pay attention to the replacement of parts, water softener needs to be updated regularly, the Distribution Department has supply parts.