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Humidifier Maintenance Cheats
Jan 09, 2018

1. ultrasonic humidifier use pure water humidification, because many areas hard water is the calcium and magnesium content is high, plus water treatment water with bleaching powder and so on some water purifying agent, these ingredients is very unfavorable for the humidifier humidification, and a part of calcium and magnesium ions with water mist with spray dispersion on the surface and on the ground. After drying to form a "white scale", the other part of the precipitation in the energy change sheet and the surface of the water tank, forming a solid scale, which is caused by impure water, and the energy change sheet surface fouling, will affect the humidifying effect, even not timely cleaning will cause the transducer load, can be burned and electronic components.
2. regularly change the water in the water tank, because the water storage time is too long, the water quality will change, so the water tank and the tank do not release water when it is not used for a long time.
3. do not add inferior additives in the water tank (such as perfume), it is easy to cause cracks in the water tank and the base of the water, affecting the normal work of the machine.
When the 4. humidifier is collected, please clean and dry the parts of the water. If you put the ventilation in the dry place, put it in the packing box. "Hint: never pack the collection in plastic bags.
5. the method of cleaning the energy exchange film should be paid attention to three points.
First, the power supply should be disconnected to operate.
Next, we need to use special cleaning agent to remove. When cleaning, we need to drop 5 to 8 drops of cleaning fluid on the surface of the energy exchanger. Of course, we should increase or decrease the scale according to the scale, until we remove the scale. We must not use hard tools to remove the scale, so as not to scratch the energy exchange sheet.
Finally: after cleaning, rinse the water tank with clean water. When rinsing, no water can be poured into or splashed into the engine seat, so as to avoid short circuit and damage the electronic components.
The 6. level floater switch should be checked during the operation. If the float fouling and weight increase, it will lose the function of self stopping without water and affect the normal operation of the machine.
7. air duct cleaning, all kinds of humidifiers, except electric heating type, all have pneumatic devices. With this device, they have air inlet and outlet, which will cause dust blockage for a long time and cause bad ventilation, which will directly affect the diffusion of water mist. The inlet and outlet of the machine should be cleaned regularly.